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  1. I only mentioned because it's possible the account gets banned or deleted just because I am unwilling to reveal my identity. I guess that's a fair concern because everyone would think that any bad review without revealing identity would be fake. This thing has taken so much emotional toll on me that I've ZERO faith in any honest resolution (given the fact how unethical everything about the procedure seemed from start to end). I've barely been able to head out of my house since years. I've lost all my friends due to the fear of being laughed at. As if the emotional toll of losing hair at an early age was not enough, I had a badly botched surgery to top off it. We've seen plenty of badly botched results on this forum by other unethical surgeons who took advantage of young men's insecurity with hairloss. So it's not like I am unique lying fraud. I need to focus on getting a repair now. I will probably reach out to Joe Tillman later to seek his opinion too. Maybe if things go well and I am able to get a successful repair, I will consider revealing my identity by doing a video of my experience with Joe Tillman or on my personal profile.
  2. I heard all this sweet talk before and during booking the surgery too. There's no way I am going to risk being bullied. I should've seen through it earlier but I suppose I deserved this result for being naive and not doing my research and looking for a more reputed clinic. If anything my experience throughout was a clear indicator of what's going to happen next if I communicate further. I've already asked the forum members for advise on experienced and ethical repair surgeons. Even if the account gets deleted, I'll just reach out to Joe Tillman or other forum advisors directly. Will reiterate my parting words: I hope I get justice someday. And I promise that the day India's laws get stricter, I AM GOING TO SUE! I promise!
  3. Melvin, I don't have any faith in the system anymore. The impact pattern on my donor clearly matches the several pictures posted by the clinic themselves. I've seen the latest debacles and bullying by other surgeons based in my country. If anything, my experience from beginning to end was traumatic. I don't want to be bullied. I know how bad my country's judiciary is. I don't care what follows next. After years of hiding in my home and unable to head out due to the depression, I am don't have any strength to tolerate anymore lies or do not wish to communicate with any unethical surgeons.
  4. The damage done by the surgeon is already more than enough to destroy my life. Surely I must have uttered a few indecent words overcome by the rage of lies told to me and damage done to me, but the immediate hijacking of the thread by fake accounts and astroturfing on my thread are a clear indicator of why almost everyone saw through the bullshit and stood by my side. Several of the pics posted by the accounts astroturfing on behalf of the clinic show clear rectagular impact to the donor. You deceived and lied to a innocent young guy for a few lakhs. I don't care if the thread gets banned, locked, deleted. I just hope that one day justice is delivered and the lies and charade are uncovered. The day India gets stricter laws against the medical fraternity I am going to sue.
  5. Bullying by reps, back-to-back failed transplants with no proper response to patients who invested emotionally and financially into a procedure. It's a shame that this doctor is still being recommended on the forum.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator @Dr. Suhail Khokhar If you are aware of Dr. William Wrassman you might want to check out this blog post by him on Topical Finasteride - https://newhair.com/baldingblog/the-use-of-topical-finasteride-with-minoxidil-produces-remarkable-results-in-a-study-on-300-male-patients-with-genetic-balding/ tl;dr - Dr. Wrassman attended a presentation by italian doctor Chiara Insalaco and the results were remarkable enough to convince Dr. Wrassman to start prescribing topical fin to his patients.
  7. I switched from Minoxidil 10% to Morr F 5% about an year ago. No significant changes in hair growth for me but that's not suprising given than even dutasteride did not yeild any growth for me despite being on it for more than 2 years. As for purchasing MorrF, you can buy it from ebay resellers if you don't live in India.
  8. Holy smokes. It's quite a pattern. Not sure how many people from the home country his team has managed to silence. They must have been even more scared of the bullying because the lived in the same country. We've been right since the beginning. There's no way the doctor was not complicit in the bullying. It's really disgusting that the doctor is still being recommended on the platform. Absolutely disgusting.
  9. 100% agree with @Abi28 and @Badresults here. No rep would go so far of their own accord. Medlinks Delhi tried astroturfing when I posted my thread but luckily the other community members quickly recognized the pattern and called them out right on the forum. If I had revealed my identity here I am 100% sure medlinks would have created similar problems for me. There are plenty of unethical surgeons who are unwilling to take responsibility for their bad work. We shouldn't get caught up in all the marketing bullshit. For the Doctor being mentioned here, it's really funny how the Doctor's response changed regarding refunds when it comes to his own work.
  10. I have been following Juan Couto's youtube channel ever since that KPOP style hairtransplant video went viral. All the results he posts are mindblowing and almost unbelievable. Despite all that I have never come across anyone mentioning him on this forum or any post by his patients. Also assessing ability from a doctor's channel can lead to false impressions because they might only post the best outcomes. Would be great if someone who has gone under the knife at Fuexpert clinic can share their experience here.
  11. First of all, I must say that @Melvin-Moderator's response has really reinforced my faith in this forum. Great job at taking an ethical stance and showing solidarity with @Badresults However, I do agree with @Badresults that it's unlikely that a representative took such drastic steps without instigation or on his own. I suggest the forum team to investigate further and remove the doctor from the list of recommended surgeons if any evidence of involvement is found. Otherwise the current response would be like shooting the messenger if this kind of behaviour continues from this clinic and surgeon. Any doctor who charges their patient for expensive surgery and then replies with "I don't know why your results are like this" etc just reeks of poor ethics and gross incompetence. This is not the first case of bad hair transplant result we are seeing from this clinic. They are plenty on this forum. And maybe even more bad results within the same country who got silenced by the representatives harrassment.
  12. Wow this is extremely disugsting and shameful. But I am not surprised doctors and their representatives go to such lengths to attack their patients. I had a similar experience with Medlinks' Gaurang who is an absolute fraud and liar and completely botched my hair transplant. Moreover, when I posted about my bad results hrere his staff created fake accounts and started astroturfing Damage Done to DONOR by fraud Gaurang and Medlinks I am glad I didn't reveal my identity on my post. Otherwise, I might have ended up getting harrassed by Medlinks too. If the details revealed by @Badresults are indeed true then Dr. Bhatti should be immediately removed from the list of recommended surgeons on the forum.
  13. Yeah. For 4 years now. I know plenty of other lads from r/tressless who did not respond to any treatments.
  14. That's remarkable but I think there's also physiological factors that affect outcomes. I have been consistently taking meds for almost 4 years now and have been on the potent DHT blocker Dutasteride and even that did not stop hairloss for me.
  15. I am a little apprehensive about sharing frontal images due to privacy concerns. Hairline isn't low, it's just terrible design and unnatural. I do have a decent beard though. So, I suppose the beard grafts can be possibly implanted in the scars to reduce the sparse look.