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  1. Most people would dream of that kind of results 12 months out. At 5.5 months that's an outstanding result looking at where you started. Enjoy your full head of hair.
  2. @jimcraig152 Sorry to hear about your experience. Any sane person could tell from the very beginning that your concerns about the transplant were very legitimate. Honestly, the constant assertion that a transplant patient "must" wait 12 months to air their concerns is outright b*llsh*t. You can tell a bad transplant clearly even in the early phase. Despite your legit concerns you received unnecessary flak here. Anywho, I really hope you are able to get an awesome repair with a top notch surgeon. Good luck!
  3. I am speechless. Those are incredible results for just 4 months. No one can deny that Dr. Zarev is extremely talented.
  4. @jonx12 Hope you results are coming out great. Would love to see an update.
  5. Hello @Swill Hope you are seeing amazing results. Would love to see updated photos of your current results
  6. 3.5 months is too early. Your hair has barely started growing. Your hair texture will change over time and usually the coarse wiry hair will smoothen out to match current hair texture. No amount of surgical skill can replace biology, so don't worry too much until 9-10 months
  7. Even natural hairlines have see through effect under different lighting conditions. IMHO, you have an absolutely fantastic hairline. Even men who are not balding would be jealous of that hairline. Just like everyone else here, I would suggest you to save your grafts for the future.
  8. Bump! While I'll be reaching out to the doctors mentioned here, I am still hoping to hear some more suggestions for good repair docs
  9. Is that a microscope? I thought Dr. Feriduni didn't use a microscope
  10. My goal is hairline repair. Not donor repair. I might SMP for donor later. My first surgeon didn't just butcher my donor, he botched the entire job. I've an extremely unnatural pluggy hairline with multihair grafts in the front
  11. Do you mean €5000 is the additional repair fees on top of standard per graft charges? Yeah, I am aware my donor hair is of good quality but most of it got butchered by my first surgeon which is what has me worried Another surgeon I visited after my first transplant was very worried about my damaged donor and refused to operate on me until I turned 25 and I totally respect him for his ethical approach. My goal is get a top repair work so that I can stop being worried about my hair. So ideally I am look for surgeons with extremely good repair experience and top notch donor management. Do you happen to know the per graft charges for any of the surgeons you listed or do I need to contact them for a quote? Thanks a lot for your suggestions and your youtube videos on hairtransplants. great work.
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