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  1. Does anyone know if Dr. Diep is open and doing consultations? The phone number I called from his site goes to voicemail and isn't taking messages.
  2. For my hairline, it was generally untouched as my diffusion didn't reach my hairline yet. You can see from one of the post op pics they added a little to one side but for the most part my hairline is my natural hair, hopefully it stays that way. As far as cost I believe it's on their website, something like $8 Fue and $5 fut with it going down after 2000 grafts. I am still debating on whether to do FUT or FUE as I already have an FUT scar from my previous operation before this one.
  3. I'm pretty satisfied with the results but after browsing these forums a lot more I think it would be best to spend the extra and go with one of the best to hopefully finish this off. It also helps Hasson & Wong are a lot closer to me than Turkey.
  4. Yes! I'm having the crown filled by Dr. Wong with Hasson & Wong in Vancouver in February. Hoping that will complete my journey.
  5. Here is my 12 month results, I've gotten a much better camera on my new phone
  6. I think the idea is it's a bad idea to do a crown transplant without having your loss stabilized, if you fill in the crown and then you progressively lose hair past the crown it's going to look weird.
  7. California, USA. From what i've read surgeons here are expensive + mediocre so I assumed i'd have to travel. Trying to find the right balance of skill, experience + cost. Right now I'm looking at Eugenix in India, it seems like the hands down best if money was no object are in Europe but I'm trying to stay reasonably cost effective.
  8. I actually wasn’t aware of permanent shock loss due to implanted hairs damaging existing hairs when i had the other procedure. I feel like it could be an issue since i really want the crown to look dense if possible. I am happy with the front and hope to leave it as is but I understand while my hairloss has stabilized with drugs it might be something to consider in the long term future. my main hope is that i can find a doctor or clinic that is skilled at working in areas with existing hairs. I feel a majority of work is hairlines where it isn’t as much as a concern.
  9. I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to write out such a lengthy post, you mention waiting for it to go slick bald. I know long term things can change but it seems like my crown is improving if you look at some of the pictures i posted. Not enough to cover it of course and I doubt it will get to that point, but it seems to me that I've stabilized my loss. Would like to get some opinions on this, I know It might seem like I'm just pushing to get the answer I want to hear at this point but I really do want to make an informed and smart decision. Basically I want to push to get the crown filled because 1. After around 18 months on dht blocking medication (12-14 months finasteride, now dutasteride) + being very diligent with minoxidil and microneedling I've not just stabilized my loss but have been making small improvements in my crown area. Say it takes the 2500 grafts to fill it in nicely, but I lose existing hairs due to permanent shock loss, could I not mitigate that risk by 1. using a skilled doctor 2. going to 3000 or another higher number of grafts to account for expected loss? To be honest since ive been able to hide most of my hair loss except for my crown it has always been a real hit to my self esteem, which i'm sure is something a lot of people here can relate to or why else would we be here which is why i'm being as persistent as I am. @Melvin-Moderator
  10. He did not give me specifics besides my donor looks really good pre operation, I would say personally my donor is still good. I have thick dark black hair, I also have an insane amount of beard hair available. (cinik took some of the 4700 from my beard also) I think my biggest concern thats also been touched on here is shock loss. A inexperienced doctor/tech could kill a bunch of hairs already there if they get too close right? Here's a pic of my donor and beard area.
  11. That's pretty disheartening to hear, I think I've made decent progress from where I was a year ago and was hoping to be able to knock this last part out. Im assuming by "the crown will expand no doubt" you are assuming my hair loss will progress? I feel like I have stabilized, these pictures are from a year ago. I figured if I'm willing to spend the money there must be a doctor that can go into this area without causing much/any shock loss. Of course price is a factor but I'm hoping to get some options with everyone's help here.
  12. I was on fin for about a year and am now on dutasteride the past 2 months, minoxdil twice a day, and microneedle 1.5mm once a week.
  13. Shocking neighboring hairs is what I was worried about, Eugenix has some decent results posted on their website but I was hoping you all could point me in the direction of some other doctors I could look into.
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