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  1. I have been recommended Dutasteride as been better than Finasteride. Can anybody comment?
  2. Does anybody have any experience of Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich in bangkok?
  3. Dr Asim Shahmalak is at the Crown Clinic Manchester if that helps,
  4. I recently visited Dr Shahmalak on the morning and Dr Farjo on the afternoon. Both said similar things and I am totally confused as to who to choose, i have thinning hair on my crown and both said 1500 grafts and both were almost identical prices. However Dr Shahmalak was keen to point out that there are no guarantees and that “80% of his clients return for a second op to improve the density”. I found that strange as his website has a quote from him that his clients usually only need one op. It seems to me why would you commit to a HT if the results are so bad the Dr says you will need a second one before you start. Dr Farjo on the other hand explained you will not achieve the same density as your original hairline but he will achieve good results and if you are not happy then you can return and it will be put right at no extra cost. Both seem to have good reputations but I am hoping to hear from others on this forum who have experience of either or both and were you happy with the density achieved?