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  1. On April 18th, 2008 I had 1600 graphs surgically transplanted on the crown of my head by Dr. Gabel in his Hillsboro,Oregon office. Yes it has been 8 months and I am extremely pleased by the results. That bald spot on the crown of my head is a thing of the past. My success with hair transplant can be boiled down to a couple of reasons. First of, all Dr.Gabel and his staff were very accommodating throughtout the whole procedure and made me feel very comfortable and "anxiety free" even though it was a all day surgery. Second of all, Dr. Gabel had very specific pre/post surgery guidelines that made for a quick recover. I went in on a Friday and was back to work on the following Monday, amazing!!! The results after 8 months are phenomenal and I would recommend Dr. Gabel to anyone who is thinking of getting a hair transplant.