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  1. that's interesting. i reached out for consultation and their sales person wouldn't stop blowing up my email and calling. but i ultimately decided to cross rahal off my list as there have been multiple posts on here that had red flags
  2. permanent shock loss....would this be because of lack of meds? or is this a physiological issue? also @Curlinginthesquatrack any updates on this?
  3. yo @Legend007 where's the update man. did you forget about us??
  4. yea thats what i meant. how long till the shocked native hair grew back?
  5. did you get any shock loss in your hairline when you got surgery? i sent you a PM
  6. good question. but no, no one has commented on it. i'm not sure that it actually is. i think it was a combo of the light hitting it and bed head and it being cut to 1 guard. i wear it longer now and it definitely doesn't look thin. but what do i know
  7. appreciate it. these are concerns for sure. but my hairline is miniaturizing and is looking chewed out. the most recent pics have product in my hair and everything so it looks a little thicker. but as previously stated, i consulted with 3 top docs and all agreed that surgery could be performed to strengthen and fill in the hairline. but i do agree, like everything in life, surgery is a risk. i'm still weighing the options and getting as much info as i can with dr gabel before pulling the trigger. thanks for your reply.
  8. okay thanks for the feedback, but why do you think that?
  9. appreciate that! he said if there was shockless, it wouldn't be permanent. in most cases, this is made a bigger deal of than needed. the follicles that are already miniaturizing will probably shock out. i've been on fin consistently for 3 years so i should be okay. my concern was that ya just never know, so i was hoping to get feedback from ppl who had similar experiences with this sort of loss. the no-shave should cut recovery time down , so the downtime would be minimal.....again, hopeful.
  10. you're 100% right. what i meant was it was agreed upon that it was a viable option
  11. i appreciate the feedback melvin, as always, but i've conferred with multiple top surgeons over the years i've been doing research and all 3 have confirmed that surgery is indeed, needed. one of them was even adamant about "not needing my money", as in she wasn't going to just perform an unnecessary surgery for the sake of performing surgery. keep in mind, i work in the entertainment industry, so this is a little bit of a different situation.
  12. hello all, just checking in. haven't made the plunge into surgery yet, but after doing more research and consulting options, i believe that i'm going to go forward with dr gabel, probably in the beginning of the summer (i wear a hat a lot in the summer cuz i ride a motorcycle a fair amount and it messes my hair up anyway. i've spoken to dr gabel numerous times and he actually does offer an unshaven fue/fut, which is huge for me. my livelihood is front of a camera work, and unfortunately i don't have the year downtime to shave my head and go through an ugly duckling phase, so this is the best option for me. 1500-2000 graft estimate to strengthen my hairline, conservatively. not lowering it, just filling it in and making it look fuller. i'll be 35 in a few months, so i think this will be my birthday (financed) present to myself. but it's gonna come at a cost...$10/graft unshaven fue, while unshaven fut is at $6/graft. are there pros and cons to this that i'm not thinking of? i don't want to be delusional and think that there isn't going to be any downtime, but i'm just unable to shave my head and wait a year for things to get moving. i do have a few questions....dr gabel answered them, but i want to hear other ppl's experiences with a similar type of hairloss to mine, and the type of procedure i'd be going in for. is a HT worth it right now? would there be a noticeable improvement (to me)? could this potentially do more harm than good? (shocking out native hair, etc) is unshaven fue/fut less effective as far as ease in placing grafts? is there a trade off? which would be better? i feel like he wouldn't have much a problem placing them in between hairs. i hope any and all can contribute to this continuing convo, thanks guys here's some updated pics i tried with diff lighting. the last one is what dr gabel recommended as far as hairline (the thin red)