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  1. brickellmoto

    Unshaven FUE's

    bumping this. thanks for the replies. going to look into gabel and cooley.
  2. other doctors would disagree with 40 grafts/cm 2 being low density, and that anything more would choke the blood supply to other grafts
  3. does one's hair typically change color after a hair transplant?
  4. @lukeyb1687 do you have a graft breakdown or how many grafts per cm2? not sure if you covered that already
  5. right there with you brother, i'm an actor as well. how has life changed for you? i can only imagine you exuding nothing BUT confidence in auditions and everything. how did you go about normal life post-op?
  6. do they work? are the results as good as actually getting shaved? is it only donor or recipient or both? is this an actual thing that can be requested upon having a procedure? i feel like this would make recovery time way more manageable. anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
  7. brickellmoto

    Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

    i 100% agree with this, at least with creatine/preworkout
  8. brickellmoto

    Concealing A Hair Transplant After Surgery

    my current bartending job allows us to wear hats or whatever the hell we really want to be honest, as long as we wear a tee or garment of clothing that says the name of the place. only drawback to this is that i'm also in drama school as well and the teacher doesn't allow us to wear hats in class for whatever reason. apparently professional actors don't wear hats idk. i'm sure if i let him know that i'll be getting a procedure done thats going to leave an unsightly scar for a few months i could get away with it
  9. brickellmoto

    Concealing A Hair Transplant After Surgery

    i'm interested to hear people's stories. also, i feel like it would be helpful for ppl to know how to deal with security checkpoints when traveling for procedures post op. i think i read somewhere that a guy wore a bandana and they only made him take it off once or twice as opposed to wearing a hat.
  10. can you please post a picture updating your situation @Payam
  11. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    my younger brother unfortunately suffers from worse hairloss than i do and he's only 25. he's looking into smp too so i'm interested to see the results. if that works, that could be the true illusion of density haha at least for the crown.
  12. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    i might actually look into SMP on the crown. still not entirely sold on it yet tho. i guess we'll see. right now i'm not too worried about it. it's more of a nuisance to camouflage it, than a need to get it taken care of.
  13. this right here. consult with as many doctors as you can as well. and i don't believe that you're married to getting multiple surgeries down the road, unless you choose to do it. obviously it could get to a point where losing hair just isn't a big deal to you anymore, so don't go into it thinking that it's a requirement to get more surgeries unless it's of your own accord. i'm in a similar situation you are, although yours is a little better. i have intermediate miniaturization in the hairline, but also the crown. i'm aiming to do surgery this fall if possible, just trying to work out logistics and finances. here's my thread if you want to take a look