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  1. any update on this? i just had my consultation with dr gabel over the phone this past weekend and we're planning on going the same unshaven route. he was super friendly and informative and patient enough to wait for me to send photos back and forth so he could draw a hairline.
  2. awesome man. she's definitely on my shortlist of surgeons. i'm still waiting to see the final results from a couple of other patients before i pull the trigger, but yours definitely looks very promising
  3. bumping this. thanks for the replies. going to look into gabel and cooley.
  4. other doctors would disagree with 40 grafts/cm 2 being low density, and that anything more would choke the blood supply to other grafts
  5. does one's hair typically change color after a hair transplant?
  6. @lukeyb1687 do you have a graft breakdown or how many grafts per cm2? not sure if you covered that already
  7. right there with you brother, i'm an actor as well. how has life changed for you? i can only imagine you exuding nothing BUT confidence in auditions and everything. how did you go about normal life post-op?
  8. do they work? are the results as good as actually getting shaved? is it only donor or recipient or both? is this an actual thing that can be requested upon having a procedure? i feel like this would make recovery time way more manageable. anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
  9. my current bartending job allows us to wear hats or whatever the hell we really want to be honest, as long as we wear a tee or garment of clothing that says the name of the place. only drawback to this is that i'm also in drama school as well and the teacher doesn't allow us to wear hats in class for whatever reason. apparently professional actors don't wear hats idk. i'm sure if i let him know that i'll be getting a procedure done thats going to leave an unsightly scar for a few months i could get away with it