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  1. wish i could help but i get a keratin treatment every 2 months and it actually makes my hair look thicker
  2. wow thats some really good work. who was your surgeon? i like the appearance of a more staggered hairline as it looks natural IMO. some surgeons make it look too linear.
  3. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    nah not lowering it really, i've grown fond of how it looks now and i think a juvenile hairline would look ridiculous on me. that being said, i'm more looking to fill it in and "widen" it a bit by filling in the temporal points slightly. nothing ridiculous
  4. okay nice. you have pics? before/after/during?
  5. what if you're the hot guy in the office? lol. but all seriousness tho, thats why i made this thread...to see what other people's experiences are. i do, however, work in the entertainment industry, which is why i wanted to keep it as discreet as possible until it gets to the point where it looks like its just growing, so i wanted to get a little more in depth detail as to a timeline for being on camera purposes. but i do understand that everyone is different in that regard.
  6. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    its not too far off from what nadimi had recommended. i'll update once i have my consultation.
  7. haha yea i definitely do.... here's my thread right here if you want to check it and give your opinion. i can definitely get 2 weeks off from work if need be, and i work in a job where i can wear a hat no problem. but i wanted to hear other people's experiences and if anyone has actually ever gone a year hiding it from others, mainly the general public and friends. loved ones will know of course, i don't mind that.
  8. ....have any of you successfully hidden it from others completely?
  9. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    i'm weighing options for sure. but i definitely want to restore my hairline within reason at the very least. consultation with nadimi is on the 19th
  10. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    thanks. good points you've made.
  11. brickellmoto

    Dutasteride V Finasteride

    from what i understand, it's more potent than finasteride, but there are more side effects
  12. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    i'm a realist and im not trying to get a juvenile hairline, as i've gotten quite used to my recession, i really don't mind it, but i would like a fully intact hairline and maybe a slight fill on of the temporal points. again, nothing ridiculous.
  13. brickellmoto

    3 years in the making...

    thanks for your reply man. yea i'm not sure what i'm going to do honestly. i'm interested to hear nadimi's opinion. i'd like to do the most i can with one surgery, as i believe i'm slightly better off when it comes to native hair than others that i've seen on here (my apologies if i sound conceited, i wasn't trying to come off that way), so i don't foresee myself having another surgery down the road, but never say never. i'm also not trying to get too ahead of myself either. also, based on the illustrations, im assuming those will be the areas you think will be filled in? am i being naive to believe that this is a feasible hairline?
  14. oops nvm i just read it