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  1. Thanks for sharing your updated photos, it's looking really good in natural light.
  2. Your result just keeps getting better, very natural work, Dr Konior is a surgeon I will be seriously considering when I'm ready and have the funds available!
  3. The UK death rate for flu each year is much lower than that; England alone is well under 20,000 a year on average. The worldwide figure is obviously much higher and COVID-19 is nowhere near that at this stage, depending on how it develops over the coming months. I personally feel our Government (I'm in the UK) dragged its feet in the early stages, however the action taken since appears to have been widely accepted for the most part, people obviously concerned for the economy and our health service which is under immense strain and was before this anyway.
  4. His pre-op hairline is just like mine at the moment so encouraging to see such a transformation.
  5. Hello Trix, I'm following your progress with interest, regardless of photos, I think that's your personal choice. It helps those of us considering certain clinics to get feedback from their patients and in particular Hattingen which has only recently popped up on my radar so I'll be interested to see how your results fair, including the scarline from the strip as an FUT is my preferred option too. Ads
  6. A really amazing result and improving all the time. Like the new style too. It's good to see that you are able to style it differently as well.
  7. What a brilliant result and still early for the full effect. You must be so happy with how it's all gone. Am giving Dr Bisanga some serious consideration for a HT when I can, results I have seen around the internet (although not many) are excellent. Enjoying following your journey, thanks for the update.
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