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  1. I don't seem to understand how people could not recognize the blackness around the shaved hair. It is subtle though. You shouldn't mind it in my opinion.
  2. If I forget about maths, I must forget about the amount of money that guy paid. He is paying for per graft and that looks like a thousands graft work. Nothing like 3000, alright? Let me show you what a great result looks like: That is half the grafts. Seeing the close-up shots, anyone he contacts can easily tell he had a bad hair transplant. Stop trying to defend it with some blurred and shadowy frames. That is not a good job. Period.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Looking great as a whole. I am interested in the hairline with fine details, will be glad if you could share in your next post.
  4. Could you please provide some clear photos in a more lit place? I can barely see any details, if at all.