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  1. Hey! So, 3 years ago I had 2 procedures with an Australian surgeon. The final results are not good and I am looking to get my HT fixed. I am feeling very overwhelmed by differing opinions, experience of others and the many options. To those who have had success getting great transplants my question is this... Q. What process did you use to research and decide upon a surgeon and procedure that ultimately gave you great results? Any experience you can share would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks for your post, it's really helpful. One question I have is this: Is there a surgeon that you would recommend for a case like mine?
  3. Thanks, I think you're absolutely right about going for a "surgeon that really knows how to design a perfectly imperfect hairline" I don't suppose you have any suggestions for any suitable surgeons? Regards
  4. That's a really good idea to get some feedback from the doctor, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks BTW I'm nearly 3 years post-op
  5. Thanks for the comments. Do you think just strengthening the hairline with more 1200 grafts would work, or does it need a bit of making it look a bit more jagged or something?
  6. Hey, HairLossMentor my goals are to just get it looking good and not fake like it does now. If that is achieved by increasing density and tweaking the hairline then that's what I want to do Part of the problem is that I don't know what it would actually take to make it look right.
  7. Thanks for those names, I have contacted a few of them already and I'll try the others too.
  8. Thanks for your comments. I had FUT - a total of 1300 grafts. I don't have any photos of the back of my head that show very much but see the one attached. I have had my hair pretty short but I haven't noticed any scars showing if that helps. I hope your right in it being an easy fix!
  9. Good points. Unfortunately I don't have any great pre-op photos. I agree that I need to travel, is there a surgeon or clinic that you know of that might be suited to this? I'm in the research stage and its always great to get a recommendation!
  10. Thanks for the reply, it was by Dr Russell Knudsen of Australia. I'm pretty sure that adding density will help a lot, but what I'm really worried about is the hairline - it's line looks so unnatural.