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  1. I think clinic recommendation versus doctor should be discussed. If there is anything affiliated with a clinic attached to a doctor that you wouldn’t not recommend. Then imo Don’t recommend the doctor. It would bring clarity to all the users that you do recommend tech driven clinics. But everything is up to a standard. the other option I think appropriate is to recommend only the doctor but hold them accountable for their tech only surgeries as well. Which might be the case but isn’t explicitly stated. ofcourse if the main doctor changes remove clinic from recommended list. Ethics =/= legality. If this forum is not ethically opposed to tech only surgeries. Then I think your answer will be yes. I vote no. Based on I think a surgeon should be supervising and have the time to supervise the surgery. If there is a surgeon present at all surgery’s. It’s just a no name surgeon then my vote is yes. But I strongly think the forum should reconsider recommending clinics...
  2. If your goal is to be undetected that’s impossible I would say fastest is 5 days but that’s due. As that’s when most pain was gone for me as well as swelling... but that was FUE 10 days is basically when I could feel comfortable wearing a har and most but not all of scabbing was gone. desk job is technically feasible, and I tried to do work from home. But I was about as productive as I was when I am drunk.
  3. 2nd transplant is the only way to get your crown. I’d work on communication with whoever your doctor is and clearly state what you want.
  4. The only thing in Erdogan a statement that is concerning. is to make sure that you can choose him as your surgeon, and ensure he’s doing the incisions as the other two surgeons are not recommended as far as I’m aware. Atleast yet
  5. If you get even par results might will look worse and less natural. I wouldn’t risk it. however if you really want I’d only go to the very very best .
  6. Typically that is what you normally do. However as melvin said. It seems like communication issue one way or the other. however crown is the slowest and if the front is showing signs the crown will probably get better over time. But may not ultimately be what you wanted.
  7. Get on medication if you are not. Imo first. then if stable get the small hair transplant. If you really really want. imo its always possible you could be a small percentage getting a subpar result. Even going to the best doctors. So make sure you can live with that before surgery. As a subpar result would probably look worse than your current state.
  8. I think accusing surgeon using Artas as unethical is ridiculous. Producing mediocre results does not make a surgeon unethical as there has to be poor and mediocre ones in order for there to be great ones. Granted you could make an argument that Artas results are not good enough to be recommended surgeon. And though this result is not he worst I’ve seen from recommended surgeon. It’s on the lower end for sure. Atleast the way it was presented. Though the greatest number I’ve seen is from scott alexander and has a decent number of good to great results... granted he doesn’t use Artas for incisions. Maybe I’m losing my own argument and in talking in circles
  9. IMO I would consult with good plastic surgeons. Which is beyond the scope of a lot of knowledge in this forum and/or not most hair transplant doctors specialty. Because you’re not really doing a hair transplant at this point. And the main thing is skin appearance. Nadimi, like others said seems like a good idea to start with or atleast discuss with. But I’d discuss with others.
  10. Anywho I think both main people have points. 1) Asmed now doing 6 patients a day from debs thread is ridiculous. It’s impossible all techs are the same quality. You teach 12 people to learn drums the same way. You will get various quality drummers. Also fatigue will start may become a factor at that patient count. With that said, at 4 they were still producing good results. Without a bad rate. 2) If you are going to freak out from a result like payams, I don’t think you should get a transplant. It’s not good... but it’s not even close to butchering etc... 3) Payam discredits himself by exaggerating how bad things are, and wrong dates particularly at the start of this thread. 4) Jean is particularly defensive about this clinic, compared to stuff he says in other threads. Particularly when doubles in hairlines is fairly obvious in this and other patients.
  11. I didn't wear the headband at all. I think swelling went down a ton about day 5 or 6.
  12. Yes, it actually remained not exactly painful, but felt weird when I put pressure on it for about 3ish weeks.
  13. I had FUE, 1800 graphs 1) Swelling for about 4 Days 2) Scabbing I would say about 7-10 Days. I just had 1800 graphs in corners so I was able to have long hair cover it after hair transplant. It's not really noticable to people at work at this point. If you have hair covering recipient. 3) I probably could have gone back to work after like about 5 days. 4) Something people don't seem to mention as much. My back of my head was numb for about 2 weeks. Top of my head is still a little numb at 2 months.
  14. To the topic creator. You shouldn't go to ASMED based on how you feel now. If you are filled with worry. You will always doubt your decision to go there. (This is not related to ASMED), but you will be doubting yourself for 6 months regardless of how it goes. I've lurked here for a while... And I basically agree with Legend. My personal opinion is for massively large FUE, he is probably the best especially when cost is taken into an account. If you need 4k-5k of grafts. And only want one transplant for a chance at an acceptable result. There's not a whole lot of choices. For hairline work he seems average for a good doctor (which is still good). But still relatively cheap. If you are the type that needs to be able to call the doctor to get feedback. He's definetely not the one to go to.If you want to feel special, or significant. He's also not the one to go to for that either.