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  1. OliverTja

    Is A Hair Transplant Permanent?

    As immortal as us, the human beings
  2. Wow! I have been following Dr. Yaman for a relatively long time and I really like his work. That's one of the best. Really an excellent job! I can sense the contentedness of the patient from his face. I'm sure this is priceless for the surgeon.
  3. Wow! Even though I don't favour FUT, I must admit that I'm impressed. Enjoy with the result!!!
  4. Hi! I have been searching for a balance of cost&quality. I always think that the surgeons with very high reputation often deserves this fame due to their excellent works. They also have to keep their prices high due to their extra expenses such as more sophisticated welcoming, elaborate clinic design, advertisement and so on.. However, some other surgeons and clinics may provide the same quality with lower prices since they may not have enough time or qualified stuff to make pretentious adds or decorations. Even though I'm talking this way, I must admit that I'm also confused which to choose since more famous ones give more confidence to the patients. So, I think I'll wait till I'm feeling I'm ready to confide fully.
  5. Don't mention, mate! No, I haven't had any laser work but I've heard several cases ended up success. Btw, look what just come to my mind. You can also consult your doctors about permanent make up giving the skin color results. I have no idea if it works though. If someone here knows about it, please enlighten us, as well.
  6. Hi! Dr. Umar is a well-known inventor in HT field. My question is ' is the ugraft the same thing with implanter pen with u-shaped end invented by Dr. Umar'?
  7. Hi! I support your event. Consultations should be free everywhere in the world, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing.
  8. OliverTja

    Removing grafts via FUE

    Hi! I hope to discuss it with you and support you if I can even though I'm not an expert in HT field. But first, may I ask why did you prefer FUT in the first place?
  9. Laser doesn't sound all bad. It works miracles most of the time indeed. So, keep your spirit up! ✌️ Hope the best for you!
  10. Hi! Thanks for your sharing. Wish you an excellent result in the end. I just wondered why you chose FUT rather than FUE?
  11. Hi! Sorry to hear that you are having a problem. Hope you to find a solution for that soon. Did you show it to your surgeon? If you did, what was his reaction?
  12. Hi! Thanks for your post. Can you please share the photos of donor area, as well?
  13. Hi! Nice to hear that you are content with the result. Happy for you. Can you share some before-after photos, please?
  14. Does the procedure give any damage to the hair roots or surrounding skin area of the hair shafts?
  15. You are a cool guy with a Scandinavic facial features and there's no change on your hairline.