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  1. Hi! Thanks for your sharing. Wish you an excellent result in the end. I just wondered why you chose FUT rather than FUE?
  2. Hi! Sorry to hear that you are having a problem. Hope you to find a solution for that soon. Did you show it to your surgeon? If you did, what was his reaction?
  3. Hi! Thanks for your post. Can you please share the photos of donor area, as well?
  4. Hi! Nice to hear that you are content with the result. Happy for you. Can you share some before-after photos, please?
  5. Does the procedure give any damage to the hair roots or surrounding skin area of the hair shafts?
  6. You are a cool guy with a Scandinavic facial features and there's no change on your hairline.
  7. "...Every day is a school day..." defines my days here, too. Learning jaw dropping truths about hair restoration and seeing real life examples every day are making me encouraged.
  8. Independent reviews.. and the most cases are on the forums with the help of technology and much more transparent.. However what convinced me that I may have a hair transplant surgery in the future was my couple of friends who had the operation and saw the result in real life.
  9. Hi encina! I just wanted to say that I'm jealous of you :)) Your hairline is beyond naturally phenomenal.. it looks totally UNIQUE. And the density is perfect. Just enjoy and wish us good luck!
  10. Thanks for the information. Learning that the elasticity of the area resulted in that scarless procedure was a jaw dropping news for me.
  11. You have a point. It's a great risk to expose the hair with the toxic chemicals in the hair-dye. Especially after the operation. Enjoy with your nice natural hair color and nice result!
  12. Do you guys know what the active ingredient is in it?
  13. Even though some scientific studies claim that caffeine stimulates hair growth, I feel the tension on my body and at the bottom of my hair. So, I avoid caffeine both for my overall health and my hair's well being.
  14. Happy for you! Looks really good. Have you dyed your hair black? If so, is it damaging for the operational area?
  15. How come there are little (almost no) scars on the donor area? This is awesome if there is no skin treatment afterwards.