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  1. Amazing results full stop never mind for 7 months 😊 congratulations man!
  2. Clearly you’re set in your views and no one can change these. If you had watched my earlier videos I was extremely optimistic about my first transplant. I never thought for a second it wouldn’t be a success but was surprised by the way I was treated and with the results..... I could go on and on. Maybe you should start a blog or private consultations since you’re such an expert in who should and shouldn’t have a hair transplant as I’m assuming you obviously have a degree in psychology or mental health based on your diagnosis of my “mental issues”. 🙄😴😴😴
  3. Ok so from this you came to the conclusion I’ve have mental issues and OCD? Please think before you post, people who do have mental health issues would take offence to your negative comments based on your opinion. I don’t have to explain my reasons behind it to you, clearly you’re fixed on your opinions and I’m not gonna waste my time trying to change it.
  4. Normally don’t read these negative comments but since this has been sent me on Instagram like 5 times I thought I’d reply. What mental status? I don’t think its unrealistic to expect the results the clinic promote on their website. I said from the start I was over promised and under delivered. 90% of people agree with me. The people who don’t have had a bad hair transplant them self, are associated with the clinic in some way or are just plain bitter. Anyone with a good set of eyes could see my first transplant was a dissaster. If it wasn’t the clinic wouldn’t agree to fix it.
  5. These results are insane! I’m so jealous 😆.. Congratulations you must be so happy! 😊
  6. I’m officially 18 months post op today.. currently at the airport waiting to go back to Asmed to get a second procedure to fill in the gaps in my hairline Has anyone had a second op? What’s your feedback from it? Didn’t realise just how popular Istanbul is, there’s about 20 guys (all of which are clearly receding) all waiting to board this 23.05pm flight to Istanbul by themselves.. least I know I’m not the only one coming back with fuller hair 😆
  7. Thank you! I’m at the clinic a month after you so you will need to keep me posted on what it looks like etc 😄
  8. Best of luck with your second op 🙂 looking forward to seeing your progress
  9. I’m visiting the clinic again in January. Looking forward to seeing the new clinic
  10. Wow! Your results are amazing at 8 months! You must be so happy with it 😄👌🏻
  11. BoulderBaldee thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you’ve been through one hell of a journey with your hair!. I can definitely see what you mean about your hair being thinner and lacking density. It seems that most patients that visit Asmed in recent years all seem to need a touch up 🤔 it’s very strange. Keep us posted on what Asmed suggest. Hopefully you get the results you’re looking for 🙏🏻