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  1. These results are insane! I’m so jealous 😆.. Congratulations you must be so happy! 😊
  2. Thanks i’ll definitely keep you posted
  3. I’m officially 18 months post op today.. currently at the airport waiting to go back to Asmed to get a second procedure to fill in the gaps in my hairline Has anyone had a second op? What’s your feedback from it? Didn’t realise just how popular Istanbul is, there’s about 20 guys (all of which are clearly receding) all waiting to board this 23.05pm flight to Istanbul by themselves.. least I know I’m not the only one coming back with fuller hair 😆
  4. Thank you! I’m at the clinic a month after you so you will need to keep me posted on what it looks like etc 😄
  5. Best of luck with your second op 🙂 looking forward to seeing your progress
  6. I’m visiting the clinic again in January. Looking forward to seeing the new clinic
  7. Wow! Your results are amazing at 8 months! You must be so happy with it 😄👌🏻
  8. PlanetStephen

    Erdogan 3200 2/2017

    BoulderBaldee thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you’ve been through one hell of a journey with your hair!. I can definitely see what you mean about your hair being thinner and lacking density. It seems that most patients that visit Asmed in recent years all seem to need a touch up 🤔 it’s very strange. Keep us posted on what Asmed suggest. Hopefully you get the results you’re looking for 🙏🏻
  9. Your hairline looks good! I agree maybe a small touch up but 2,000 grafts seems abit excessive?
  10. PlanetStephen

    2968 Grafts - Koray Erdogan

    Thanks man, I know my hair will never be 100% or even close to the original density however I did expect more. I’m not sure how much is needed I’ll need to get that confirmed when I have my consultation in January ?
  11. Hey guys! New to this so bear with me ? Wanted to share some recent close up photos from 15 months post op at Asmed. Also wanted to address a few things on one of the other threads here about my results. For those of you who follow my progress on YouTube (Planet Stephen) you’ll know I’m going back in January to get a “top up” as my hair is very patchy, the hairline isn’t full and density is very low. This is frustrating because I’ve seen some amazing results coming from Koray and Asmed clinic. I’m told this website and the people who run it are very much Pro Asmed so I’m trying to word this carefully so no one gets triggered. You can see from my photos and if you have seen my videos on YouTube that my hairline doesn’t compare to the results on Asmed’s website. There’s guys on there with much more advanced hair loss than me getting 2,000 grafts and coming out with the thickest, fullest hair ever. I got 3,000 grafts and I only think about 1,000 of them actually survived. I don’t know why the results are this poor but I wanted to pick up on a few things I read earlier on another forum. Hairline too low - a few people blame me for the results as they say my hairline is “too low” firstly I think hairlines are subjective and secondly my graft number was based around this hair line. If I got a higher hairline my graft number would have been less, so I don’t think this is a fair arguement. Also if Dr Koray felt my expectations were unrealistic or not achievable he could have told me this at the time. I was promised a natural hair line and what I have isn’t that. Dr Koray is also a highly skilled professional who knows a lot more about transplants than me, if he felt he couldn’t achieve the results I was looking for he could have told me that at the time during my brief 10 minute consultation pre op. He’s not a robot that you pre-programme with a hairline and graft number, he could of said at the time if my expectations where “too high”. Harsh lightening - I read a few comments saying that the lightening was too harsh therefor of course the results would look bad?.. you can’t say to someone who’s had a HT to not go in sunlight or in a bright room because your surgery would look obvious. This did make me laugh but c’mon let’s be realistic. I have not met one person who says my hair looks good or even natural in person. Photos/Videos soften the results you see so therefore aren’t getting a true image of how it actually looks. Hopefully surgery number 2 sorts me out and I can come back on here with my success story ??? Open to your thoughts.. Thanks, Stephen