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  1. Hi Spex, Thanks for your reply. Previously it was done by doctor Jayanta Kumar Saha in Kolkata, India. I have reached out to doc bhatti(he is an excellent doctor) and was suggested fue + smp is the only way for my extended hair loss. But smp works well only with either buzzcut or shaved head. The only problem is in India shaved look is not acceptable to society as in Western countries. Please find my pics attached herewith for the donor area scar.
  2. Dear Doctors and group members, Good day. I have previously gone through one fut transplant by a doctor in India. He transplanted 3335 grafts, out of which very less grafts grew. Now, I have a wide scar from ear to ear and less donor area. I have visied number of renowned surgeons in india and got to know only 1000 grafts from scalp and beard grafts can be used and that is not enough for my extended hair loss. I was also suggested for fue + smp as I have l less donor area. But I am asking if I go through further hair transplant,is it possible to cover top of head , l
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