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  1. It looks great man! I cant see it with your hair grown out like that? I agree with your decision not to do laser, too risky and your hair grows in nice and thick. Why would u shave intead of just grow out? ( u probably already explained in previous post, ill go back and read). Looks good bro, your hair looks great, u shouldnt shave it 😀
  2. Yea dude, i agree with above posts, guys whove had ht's ive seen look weird with shaved heads, and even weirder with ink. They never seem to get the color to look right or match, its got to have something to do with the scar tissue. I feel like smp is secondary anyway as a hair loss solution. If i had the funds available id try hts plus hair system. More work and money but having hair on your head beats shaved head anyday. You should just see the process through since youve already commited to ht route, which seems to be much better in long run, plus u are treated by a physician as opposed to a cosmetic tattoo artist, good luck
  3. Even long after the treatment is completed sweat does fade pigments, on temperary and the semi-permanent smp (most people call it permanent for marketing purposes but its semi-perm/temp). I run quite a bit and wear hat and bandana to protect from uv exposure and the sweat gets saturated in bandana and over time does cause some fading. I rinse my head after workouts and running. So many things fade pigments but #1 causes are sun and cuts to scalp. Smp is very good but requires alot of routine maintenance ie:touchups, can be a frustrating process watching your $$ fade. Best to have artist near your home or learn to do minor touchups youself at home. Its actually quite easy.
  4. Hey bro, how's the repair and replace process goin for you? Any progress at this point?
  5. No worries man, good luck with the new place, im sure theyll get you straight. Detours are frustrating but only make the destination that much more fulfilling!
  6. Yea dude, i agree with 2 previous posters, DO NOT GO BACK! This guy clearly doesnt know what he is doing and if u return it will hurt your case to get your money back. I would ask for full refund and for him to cover corrective smp work to get it fixed, and you can get that fixed... Just dont make it worse and harder for a better place to repair
  7. SPF_777_JC

    My Smp keeps freaking fading

    The Smp process can be very frustrating and discouraging, speaking from my personal experience. I have had many sessions over many years and what i have learned after all of my sessions with multiple providers is this: smp fades, plain and simple. It is supposed to fade gradually over time, but it also can fade drastically between session time and the post 2-3 week mark after the healing process has mostly completed. When i first had my smp first 3 sessions years ago It took over 10 hours in the chair for me to obtain a good smp base that made an actual difference in my appearance, and sessions were spaced out with 3 week breaks in between. It's kinda tricky with smp because you want to have it dense enough to look like u have hair but if it becomes too dense or too dark or hairline too low or straight or defined itll look fake. It is disheartening to watch pigments fade away after your sessions but it is definitely advantageous to gradually build up to what looks best for you, and this can be a long and grueling process unfortunately, not to mention costly. It sounds like the level of pain you are experiencing is not normal and suggests maybe your technician is going to deep into the dermis and/or possibly using wrong needles. I would look into that and ask him or her some questions regarding those two factors. Smp can be a great option for some, but my experience has led me to the sad conclusion that it just has too many issues and at the end of the day it isnt even close to having hair on your head. I am currently researching hair systems but that option comes with its own set of issues. Best of luck to you!
  8. There is no such thing as a one session treatment that lasts forever, the body does not work that way. SMP is a process, shorter for some and longer for others depending on your body chemistry and lifestyle. Every technician who has done at least one treatment is very aware of this fact. Not to mention, Maintenance over the years is also definitely required. If a provider tells you they have a special technique and/or pigments and needles that will allow you to only require one session, they are lying and are only looking to spend as little time working on you as possible, but will charge you 4-5 grand for around 6-8 hours of work. Go somewhere else if they claim you will only need one