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  1. Wayy too long of a read buddy. Don’t have time to go through all that, but whatever you said, thumbs up 👍 have a nice day
  2. I m just wondering, how could you just go suggest someone to consider someone else, where you had zero experience with that specific surgeon. If you did indeed do a research, you would see he had mixed results just like bunch of other surgeons, including the almighty Erdogan. I have done my research as well, yet I have never posted anywhere here or elsewhere for someone to go consider someone else because such surgeon is terrible. Your statement was just very ignorant. How would you feel if some random dude on the internet who has never had any dealing with your services just shitting on your business because someone else didn’t have a good experience with you? I don’t care how you feel about a specific surgeon or business. Instead of trashing them, just choose not to use them. If you had any negative experience with them, then the floor is yours, have at it.
  3. I did update the thread and talked about when the next update be. So far it’s great. I think I maybe a tad faster grower than the average Joe. lets move onto your experience. Care to share? Or are you one of those folks just trashing someone because you heard others complained about their experience. And for that reason you should be taken seriously?
  4. Care to share your experience with Doganay that failed miserably?
  5. Just under 3 month mark. It will be 90 days on the 16th. Ugly duckling at its best here and don’t think there has been any progress. Next post will be most likely from the 6 month mark. Hopefully by then there will be some solid visual difference. Thoughts?
  6. I am 3month mark on my HT. I noticed my native hairs, which is a lot of them, at the recipient area is growing much slower than the hairs at the non-recipient area. Is this common? I only received HT to my hairline and a tad toward the middle of my head to increase density, and noticed the non-recipient area hair is much longer and stronger, healthier looking than my recipient area. Is this normal? Thanks
  7. Legend says that if you use a hair drier after an HT, transplanted hairs will die and their souls will take revenge and kill just as many native hairs down with them and because of that, the remaining native hairs will be so scared and traumatized by these events, they will stop growing forever.
  8. Read the first few sentences and was like wow. I felt bad. Then saw the pics and was like okay it isn’t bad honestly. Donor area appears to be a bit patchy, nothing screams at me. Your hairline could be better but faaarrr from botched. If you can’t even name the doctor, I say you are very lucky and should be a lottery ticket. i am sure there are many surgeons out there who can easily fix things up for you a bit. Consider SMP for the donor area for an easy fix?
  9. Tomorrow will be 2 months. So, the sides grew very quickly for some reason. They got pretty long. I m not sure what’s going on at the recipient area. Did I grow some hair there or not all of them shed? i could swear the transplanted area got pretty much bald after my 1 month mark and I went back to how I was before. I had been wearing my hair pushed forward, covering the transplanted area, so I wasn’t following the process. I wasn’t even paying attention to it. Can someone help me better understand what’s exactly happening? Also why is my scalp still looking so nasty and like there is still scabbing at the roots of my hairs? anyways, here are the pics (upon close up, I see some tiny little hairs poking through)
  10. Thanks a lot! It makes more sense. 👍
  11. Thanks Melvin! That’s a solid article. Are the any set guidelines on how to take care of hair post HT? Everyone seem to have different recommendations. Some say you can get back to normal routine within two weeks, right after all the scans have fallen off and others say you have to wait a couple of months. I m 2 months post op now and still feel pretty weird touching the transplanted area. It actually does feel weird too. I can tell the scalp hasn’t fully healed yet.
  12. So, I have been going nuts checking out everyone’s progress and noticed with the same surgeon, some people have great growth and some others not so much. What’s happening here? I know it is easy to blame the surgeon, but could it be genetics? Could be maybe us and the way we took care of ourselves post HT? I mean, I am sure some of them are surgeon related, but are they all? I am really interested in finding out what’s really been the cause of this? I personally began lifting very light weights like a week or two post HT. Just a couple of pull ups, bicep curls with light weights. No sweating or anything. I didn’t drink any alcohol and was very gentle when I washed my hair. On my 4th week mark, I returned to my normal routine. I began lifting very heavy weights, went out and partied a couple of times with friends and began washing my hair like I normally did. I did take my vitamins and biotin everyday and I eat pretty clean for the most part. So my diet is solid. Thiughts?