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  1. I don’t really know what determines their pricing but from what I have seen so far, demirsoy is doing some clean work. I would obviously recommend Doganay because I used him and the work itself was very clean and I was happy with everything. However, what matters to me is the end result. If my hair doesn’t grow the way I expect it to, then all that means nothing. I am a firm believer of negotiation. Reach out and try and negotiate and see how it goes.
  2. Yeah I got it done with Doganay. I am just waiting. Nearly 2 months now. I won’t be able to see any results for another 3-4 months. As a last resort, hairpiece. It’s insane how great and realistic latest hair pieces are. You can even tell if you are looking very closely. If I ever went bald to a point where it’s bad, I would wear a hairpiece proudly. The old dead raccoon toupee days are over from what I see.
  3. From what I have seen here, Demirsoy seem to do some real clean work. But I have no experience there. Do you have bodyhair? How about some body hair, beard and some from the donor area? It would be a process but you can probably get a decent look out of it. I heard Doganay is an expert in body and beard hair, but I don’t have that experience either. I just did the usual hair transplant.
  4. Yeah, but trial and error, adapt, fix and continue on applies everything. Those 65% results compared to surgeries performed in the 90s is like comparing a Honda Civic to a Lamborghini.
  5. ILtrooper

    How bad is it?

    I say like 2k-2,5k for a nice dense hairline. I recommend Doganay. He did mine and I couldn’t be happier with how it all went down.
  6. Banged the recipient area? If grafts are still in there and not disturbed, I wouldn’t worry too much. Just take some otc anti inflammatory pills to reduce inflammation. Now, if the hairs are disturbed, slipped out or something, obviously that’s an issue. When I banged my head, I lost a ton of grafts, had to go back and redo that area. But mine was a major case. Any close up pics?
  7. What about the crown? No shots of the crown?
  8. Huh? Based on your assessment, Hypothetically speaking So you take 5k grafts from me and 1k grows, which would equal to having 1k hairs more than I had before up front, but I am out of 4K grafts and ontop of that those 1k grafts have poor density, which now looks worse than it did before because of that and this procedure isn’t considered a failure?
  9. Title pretty much says it all. I bought some dermmatch and wondering if I could use this in the recipient area until it grows? I have plenty of native hairs but it looks weird with hair transplant. Dermmatch seem to help conceal it a bit. Is it okay or would this damage the follicles somehow and negatively effect the growth? thanks
  10. Yes, I have done laser hair removal before. Laser kills the hair follicles and once the hair follicles are no longer under your skin, the characteristics of you skin will change. It will look like other areas where there are no hairs. In my opinion, laser is your best bet. Screw plucking hairs all the time. Painful and will not be a permanent solution for you. I mean look at all those people who lose their hair. The areas where they lost their hair is no longer a different color than the rest of their skin. It looks like hair never grew there before. Laser is the same thing, just an artificial loss.
  11. Very inspiring thread! The happiness in these people’s faces is priceless and the hope this thread brings to many of us! I love it! Fingers crossed I get similar results
  12. My brother’s hair loss is very similar to yours and he wanted me to show pics of his hair loss to Doganay when I was there. Doganay said 5k grafts minimum to have a decent coverage. I am curious to see what a 4K grafts will look like at your level. Keep us posted and good luck!
  13. ILtrooper

    Erdogan 3200 2/2017

    and we got a biter folks.... just relax bub! No need to get all worked up. We are all on the team here