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  1. Thanks guys. i was looking at my hair from 6 years ago and at that time I had no issues at all, full thick hair up front and compared to how my hairline is now and I was amazed how much better it looks now compared to then. establishing the proper hairline is more important anything else in my opinion.
  2. I honestly have no idea. I feel like it has gotten thicker from 6 month mark, but that could be the individual hairs thickening up. To me, it feels like there isn’t a brand new growth, but one hairs are thinner than the others, assuming those just eventually get thicker and thicker.
  3. Thanks buddy! if anyone has any questions about the whole process, let me know. I would love to help.
  4. Thank you. I don’t see any weak spots really. The area I banged to the wall right after my surgery had poor growth, but filled up in the last couple of months. No other weak spots from what I can tell. Feels and looks pretty dense, but I would have like doing it to be more dense. It isn’t as dense as natural hairline dense, but heck a lot better than before my procedure. Yeah I have some jel in my hair. Not a single person can tell I have done is his and even when I tell them, they don’t believe me. I am very happy with my results honestly. I would do this all over again. Hakan
  5. 9 Months. Can I get some feedback from those who are experienced in the field? Thank you!
  6. Thanks brother! I m super happy with the results already. I would be content if i didn’t have any further growth honestly. I mean I hope it keeps growing but I think it’s done.
  7. And I took this pic yesterday: (No concealer. None of my pics have any concealers or any kid)
  8. I just wanted to make a quick post about my experience on my recent hair transplant. This isn’t about a specific surgeon or clinic, this is about hair transplant in general. Pick the best one fits to your needs, but make sure he or she is a good one. I must say, getting a hair transplant is one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to improving appearance and confidence. i had a lot of hair even before my hair transplant, but we all have our own insecurities and expectations when it comes to our hair. I wanted a full, thick, younger looking hairline like my ol
  9. Thank you! I don’t think they even measured that, so I don’t know what caliber. But I have always had thick hair. Temple areas are filling it pretty decent. Wayyy better than before that’s for sure. The only part that is lacking is the area I banged against the wall and lost my grafts and had to re-transplant. I guess that’s on me..
  10. Looks just like mine. The same doc. I started to really see some good visible results between 4 and 5 months mark. I look forward to more dense look in the coming months.
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