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  1. Gee, thanks for making me feel better about my current situation. If I could truly accept myself as bald and finally like what I see in the mirror, I wouldn’t have registered or posted on here. It’s not completely unrealistic to have these surgery goals because I’ve seen Gabel transform Norwood 6/7 folks. I’m already well aware I won’t have the crown I had at 18. It might be easy for the majority of men to let nature take it’s course and accept your losses, but as a transgender man, it’s a different experience. I’ve hid behind glasses and ball caps, shave my head every three days- yet I still feel disgusted with my appearance.
  2. If $4 is competitive, how much are top tier surgeons charging per graft? $10 a pop? Ok, here’s my current predicament. I’ve got lots of square footage to fill up, so I know it’s going to be a debt sentence. Do you have pictures of your final results from Gabel?
  3. Oh, I know dude had multiple procedures considering how little he had prior. Photos like this only make uninformed baldies believe that they can achieve great density in one surgery. If only that were the reality. I considered Turkey based on the results I’ve seen, but I still can’t seem to shake off my irrational fear of flying.
  4. Damn, I guess I was delusional for thinking he was legitimate because of his Hollywood reputation. I figured ARTAS is a state of the art robot that is more efficient than the standard FUE hand punch. Oops!
  5. I also wanted Dr. Gabel to provide my first FUT since I live here in Portland Oregon, but $13,000 for one time just isn’t reasonable. How was your experience? Did you have to get a credit line or did you just have the means to save up?
  6. Wait, what??? I’ve talked with him several times and he didn’t seem like a scam artist. Is it because he has a chain of surgery centers across the U.S.?
  7. Isn’t there some kind of plastic surgery insurance coverage you can buy just in case the surgeon slips the scalpel? Or are you screwed once you sign the patient consent forms?
  8. Sh*t man, same here. Seeing his slow transformation and how confident he was by the end definitely inspired me to take steps in the right direction and start consults in the states. None of which I can afford ?
  9. Yeah, I’ve had my eyes glued to forums for a while now and I am anxiously hoping for more Nader patient testimonials. He never bothered to respond to my inquiry (typical for him) and I’m still no where near my financing goal, but I guess we’ll see what happens. There’s got to be some reputable hair surgeons down there!
  10. Everyone and their mother has tried to persuade me out of getting a hair transplant in Mexico, but it’s affordable and I read/write/speak Spanish. Even folks on The Bald Truth and other popular Youtubers warn about going to Mexico for cosmetic surgeries and they all repeatedly recite, “you get what you pay for”. Although I find it odd that none of their surgeons are board certified, I’ve seen some life changing results from Dr. Nader and Dr. Gaston De La Garza. Honestly if I could afford a $20,000 hairline from Dr. Craig Ziering in Hollywood, I wouldn’t think twice. So, is there some kind of prejudice within the hairloss community or are there more instances of botched FUT surgeries that I just haven’t seen?
  11. No sir, I have only been given the option of the generic propecia. Is it just another DHT blocker?
  12. As a transgender man whose family members have all gone bald, I knew that I was in a hereditary disposition, so I started taking all the right precautions on hormone therapy to keep what hair I had. I’ve now been on testosterone for 4.5 years and I’ve lost 90% of the hair on my crown and it’s the only thing that I regret about my transition. I’ve gained a beautiful thick beard, I’ve had my double mastectomy, wear glasses and ball caps, but my self confidence is completely gone. There’s no need to rush your transition, even if your doctor insists that you start hormone therapy. Take some time and really think about all the physical and psychological changes that you will go through. Keep in mind that genetics are incredibly complex and you could end up keeping a full mane like the majority of transgender men that I know. If you do end up taking that first shot, I highly recommend that you use propecia and minoxidil religiously. I couldn’t afford propecia until it was too late. You don’t want to end up like me and have to find ways to come up with $10,000-$20,000 in order to get your hairline back.