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  1. I am using Ketoconazole to help stop dandruff. I am curious whether it had any negative effect on hairloss?
  2. Is it ok to use Minoxidil on transplanted hairs area? Or is it mainly to be used only on the non transplanted area. I am thinking it is ok because there area here there is a mix of transplant and non transplanted hairs.
  3. Just at the area that you have itches. So I didn't do all over my head but may be 1/3 of the head.
  4. It works like wonder. It instantly eliminate any itching in 1-2 minutes of application.
  5. While rubbing the Minoxidil Foam on to my scalp, I notice a lot of hairs coming off and on my fingers tips. Is this common?
  6. Curious to know if everyone also experienced lots of hairs falling off onto fingers while applying minoxidil foam. I hated seeing those fall out that is why I have been using liquid. Perhaps that is just normal and part of the course?
  7. I have heard that daily hair washing is good for getting rid of DHT, but ofcourse that may cause more dry scalp. Is daily washing bad for hair and can it cause more hair loss?
  8. Earlier this year I started to experience itchy scalp which eventually was diagnosed by a Dermatologist as dandruff. I was then prescribed Ketoconazole 2% and Fluocinonide Topical, which I alternate every other day with normal shampoo, and I also stopped using Minoxidil. Last week, I restarted Minoxidil (Liquid) and immediately the dandruff came back on and I did noticed more hair loss. I understand hair shed may happen initialy when starting to use Minoxidil. However, I do have a couple of questions. 1. Should I stop using Minoxidil until my dandruff issue clear
  9. H&W Doug, Does the patient required to shave their full head during the FUE session? or is it just on the donor and recipient area.
  10. Hi, Is shaving the whole head required to perform the operation with Dr. Hasson? I am considering an operation with him but concern about my appearance for the next few weeks post operations. Would be better if I can keep my existing hair and then do a comb over to hide the red recepient area
  11. I am looking to get an FUE surgery done. After talking to 5 or 6 clinic, I was told I would need about 3500 graft. I have narrowed down to Dr. Diep or Dr. Hasson. Any thoughts or recommendation from anyone regarding these 2 doctors? During the process, I have also considered and had discussion with Shapiro, Ranior, Rahal.
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