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  1. H&W Doug, Does the patient required to shave their full head during the FUE session? or is it just on the donor and recipient area.
  2. Hi, Is shaving the whole head required to perform the operation with Dr. Hasson? I am considering an operation with him but concern about my appearance for the next few weeks post operations. Would be better if I can keep my existing hair and then do a comb over to hide the red recepient area
  3. I am looking to get an FUE surgery done. After talking to 5 or 6 clinic, I was told I would need about 3500 graft. I have narrowed down to Dr. Diep or Dr. Hasson. Any thoughts or recommendation from anyone regarding these 2 doctors? During the process, I have also considered and had discussion with Shapiro, Ranior, Rahal.