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  1. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I am having to use powder now because of how sparse my hairs are. I just can't imagine going through this for several months, but I understand that is part of the process. I hope your results continue to improve!
  2. I just had one three weeks ago. I'm freaking out!
  3. I would love to hear about your progress! I just had mine done nearly three weeks ago. 

    1. browless


      I just posted an update which I thought was in reply to you...  not quite sure how this forum works?  Let me know if you received it, and if not I’ll rewrite it. Progress is being made but I wish I were further along. It’s a rather slow process. I feel a bit impatient and JUST WANT SOME DARN EYEBROWS! Can’t just wake up and “go” yet. Still need to put the brow powder on... 

  4. Thank you. I'm not quite three weeks post op and I'm in that dreaded shedding phase. Most of mine have shed and I believe I've had some shock loss as well. Contrary to what I was told, the procedure HAS lightened my microblading to where it has faded significantly. I feel your pain. I'm very self conscious. How are yours doing?