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  1. Hello did anyone one knows how long it will takes for surgery waiting list for Dr Lorenzo i just make reservations for consultation at march 2019 so for consultation it's around 6 months,, im just afraid for the surgery it will takes to much time ,, because I really need to do the surgery as soon as possible anyone can help me 🙏🙏
  2. Hello i want to ask if anyone knows dr. Thiago bianco brasil please any information thank you
  3. Hello i want to know if anyone knows about dr.thiago bianco in brasil
  4. Ahmadhd1

    IS it shock loos

    Thanks for your reply,, yeah I think i make i worst decision in my life,, but for donor area if it's not growing back can i do another hair transplants to fixed ??
  5. Ahmadhd1

    IS it shock loos

    For how long it will takes till ai see my hair grow again,, and how i make sure it's not permanent shock loss
  6. Ahmadhd1

    IS it shock loos

    Please could anyone reply me ,, I need your help please
  7. Ahmadhd1

    IS it shock loos

    This is was my look before the surgery i know its not clear but my hair is thin and my hair line I covered i didit thu surgery in Istanbul ,, second picture is before one day from shock Loss
  8. Hi all before 2 months i had transplant surgery it was 3500 graft i did it for make my hair more density i wasn't blade I just want make my hair look better,, after 2 weeks from my surgery i loos alot of my native hair in donor and reception area I looks totally worst before the surgery,, I become bladder and my looks now horrible,, please tell me is it shock loss or what