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  1. I'd personally choose Option D as well but I also included Option C because I was uncertain whether plug removal would cause further scarring, so option D might be the best approach at this stage to achieving a modest improvement. So if you are by chance unhappy with that result I'm guessing you can always go back and remove the plugs for a future surgery.
  2. Different doctors are always going to give you different approaches to the same problem so it's always going to have to come down to your personal preference. The thing that worries me about your specific situation is that you mentioned you have difficulty with finasteride so that alone would make me want to approach things very conservatively and avoid any radically approaches like lowering the hairline (seems like a waste of grafts tbh) given you would want to take future balding into consideration. So what troubles you more; donor area or hairline? My personal opinion is your donor area seems to look much worse than your hairline area, but i would also be curious to see more photos and what it looks like grown out more (if you have them). Donor options seems to be body hair transplant, SMP, or want to keep it more natural and pursue the 500 grafts in the donor. So do you have a preference? The hairline area around the temples only looks a little bad upon very closer inspection (left side mostly) so IMO it's passable. Have you ever tried toppik btw? That might help a little. Tough call, but personally I'd try and opt for the more conservative options of C or D. Depends if you want body hair transplant or SMP in the donor. But I'd also really want to know which doctors are those because that makes a difference as well. You included the prices but try not to let that be a determining factor - you want this done right. I'd also ask each doctor for specific cases of their repair work, and the number of similar cases they've handled - I'd want a clear understanding of what is achievable before committing to anything. Hope that helps man.
  3. Cheers Melvin! So basically it's a time thing Any articles on scarring with FUE and extraction techniques as well? These are good ...
  4. Phil36fromaus

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    would be good to post pics regardless of "zero growth" so we all can see what you see. Have you been in touch with your HT surgeon and what do they say?
  5. Have you ever done an article on this one Melvin? I'd be curious to see the difference myself and how you can tell the difference between shock loss, over-harvesting, and white pigment scarring
  6. Phil36fromaus

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    the total surface area covered, degree of shock loss and rate of recovery (if applicable), hair transplant yield rates, exact graft placement .. to name some more comparing it to others is really just a guide. It's basically how you look at any results on this site - you see what the HT doctor is capable of, and what potentially your results may look like, but it's more a best guess scenario. what EXACTLY did your doctor say regarding expectations? send us some pics documenting your growth over time. we all want to help.
  7. Just wondering if there was a way to tell the difference between whether your donor area had undergone white pigment scarring or was depleted of donor supply after an FUE? Im guessing cosmetically they would appear similar (the contrast between the white pigment scarring and the donor hair would make you seem more thinned out than you really are vs the reality if there was no scarring but too many donor hairs were removed). And besides SMP is there anything else you can do to deal with scarring after an FUE (ointments, treatments etc) Thanks, Phil.
  8. Phil36fromaus

    Approaching 6 Months: 2 Questions

    Everyone is different but: 1. In my experience every month from now things start becoming more and more dense as your thickens and matures. If the dormant stage of a hair cycle is 3-4 months, and you didnt shed any hairs initially for the 1st month after a HT = 5 months before you notice any hair regrowth, 6 months til that growth is long enough to matter, and then only around month 8 to 10 (2 hair cycles) the transplanted hair starts to mature and should you have a good indication of your results. Im not sure if new hairs sprout or just become denser, but the most drastic results are probably noticed in this period. But it can take 12 months for some, others have great results at 6 months, depends on the person and your hair thickness and type and skin contrast etc etc etc. 2. Depends on your donor, the amount of grafts used in your first HT, the meds you take and how stable your hair loss is, your age and history of balding, and what your long term goals are. If you are wanting a 2HT for a supremely natural appearance on an already dense result, if i were you I'd wait a while before deciding that (youre not at even at 6 months yet), but that would be my own advice not knowing anything about your personal info besides you were a Norwood 3a previously. But again it's really about what happened in your first HT, how many grafts were used, what your goals are, what areas bother you etc etc.
  9. Phil36fromaus

    4387 grafts FUT Hattingen

    all your updates just make me incredibly curious to see some pics of a final result (i saw one elsewhere where you said something about they recreated a whirl in your forelock ... Hattingen sound world class)
  10. Phil36fromaus

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Looks really good grown out Melvin. How many grafts was that total?
  11. Following. Post op looks amazing!
  12. Phil36fromaus

    Just hit 5 months post surgery

    LOL! Maybe provide us with more pics/documentation so we can help more. Take a pic under the same lighting of the same area every 2-4 weeks and post it so we can provide more feedback. Otherwise its just us guessing what's happening.
  13. Phil36fromaus

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    I know theres been a debate about whether 2000 grafts is enough for this level of balding, but even the OP stated explicitly at the beginning of his post "I needed around 3,000 grafts in the frontal region but if I wanted a more conservative approach I should get 2,000." I was in the exact same situation and underwent a 2000 graft surgery with Konior in 2015 for my first HT and can say I had ZERO regrets from that experience. Obviously i was always going to need more to accomodate any future balding, but as far as thinking long term and accommodating any future recession just that modest improvement was enough to make me happy and substantially alter my quality of life. I might be in the minority but the 5000 mega-sessions offered elsewhere just make me nervous. Plus it's Dr Konior ... he's incredibly judicious and meticulous ... has anyone ever seen a bad result from his clinic? So while OP won't get "miracles", Im still utterly looking forward to the results, If they were anything like mine Im sure he'll be happy.
  14. wow you can really see a marked improvement with your current regiment in the last 2 months. congrats!
  15. lol i utterly admire your commitment though. I'd be curious to hear from those that only tried dermaroller and noticed some improvement. In theory it potentially make sense.
  16. Phil36fromaus

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    OP is barely 5 months in at this point so I'm looking forward to seeing future results.Please keep us updated when you can
  17. yep im a bit confused. I thought SMP was the inking to create a cosmetically normal appearance of hair which lasercap was talking about, whereas this article was about microneedling or dermarolling which creates small punctures to regenerate miniaturized hair follicles
  18. you must have INCREDIBLE donor if you are still thinking about going for it
  19. did you mean SMP or microneedling?
  20. really interesting article. admittedly I know nothing about it but would love to see more medical/scientific studies. would dermarolling be suggested for a scarred donor area?
  21. Phil36fromaus

    4387 grafts FUT Hattingen

    Yeah ive only found a few examples of Hattingen's work but everything sounds like its going great so far (well besides the 2 graft loss that is so thank god it wasn;t worse.) Please do think about sharing any pics if you can, and congrats!
  22. Phil36fromaus

    4387 grafts FUT Hattingen

    this seems like such an obvious suggestion so you don't have to avoid friends but .... santa hat
  23. wow your results are fantastic. so natural looking i couldnt even see the scarring.