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  1. Hello, I dont understand why you are so worried. It is not mandatory that the old hair will fall out and wont regrow. Maybe you will experience a little (temporary) shockloss. That's all
  2. Hi, under certain light I can also see those little bumps you are describing and I am 9month post op. My doctor said "It is simply growing hair". Next time I see him, I will ask him how long this might last. I think it also called "chicken skin", but we are probably talking about a less drastic form
  3. Hello Marshall, by temples I am talking about the other 2/3 frontal area (left and right of the famous 1/3 area 😛) and not about the triangle on ear-heights. I dont know if it was a misunderstanding maybe. Yeah, I think I can comb them easily. Are you having problems? Sometimes I wear a cap for some minutes/hours and it helps to put them down/forward. When they are totally dry and I only try it with a comb, it is more difficult. Generally this is probably a matter of the hairstructure.
  4. Hello LaserCap, Dr. Bisanga told me nearly exactly the same things that you said. Furthermore, it is no more issue for me. @Marshall: You are looking much younger. Still I think the skin of the recipient area needs more time to fully recover, which is also referring to my recipient area. I am pretty sure it will improve the smoothness of the hairline. Besides this, notice that I am younger than you and took an even more conservative hairline. I still have pretty distinctive temples.. But I actually always liked them.
  5. Hi Marshall, looking good. 🙂 By fringe line do you mean a line at the frontal hairline? Are you talking about a line on the skin or about the growing direction of the hair? Sorry, I couldn't understand. If you are talking about the growing direction, I can follow what you mean. Especially in the morning its looking funny sometimes. I can image that the new hair will "adjust" to their new position after some time and will probably change the growing direction into a more natural one. However, my skin color in the recipient is still a bit different compared to my normal skin tone. Thats why, when looking from different angles, I see a more or less "harsh" transition between recipient and non-recipient area. As you said ,patience is important, because I think this will get better with time. Do you see little dots on you skin, which are probably simply growing hairs? Cu
  6. Hello marshall, looking good and I still think we are going hand in hand regarding the healing. The lighting generally seems to play a big role when it comes to judging the process. I can still see a difference between the receipent area and untouched area, too. Friday, last week, I went back to BHR clinic for a general check-up. Although I did not meet Dr. Bisanga in person, because he was doing surgery, I talked to my contact person and one of the ladies, who were doing my surgery. Everything is on track and they gave me a general advice to try stop thinking about the HT too much. I had little concerns regarding little dots that appeared after about 2monthts of the HT, but they said it is simply "growing hair", what seems logically to me. 😉 Maybe you know them too. See you and take care
  7. I only have to travel about 160km by car to be in Brussels. This is a big advantage and to be honest, I never really considered another doctor than Dr. Bisanga.
  8. Hi, I only wanted to let you know that everything is normal. Probably bumps is also not the correct word in this case, more like little dots what was referred to the growing hairs
  9. Hi, tomorrow is my 3month update. I will contact Dr Bisanga and will ask him.
  10. Hi, I am a Bisanga patient myself (2003 FUE on 18th september this year). I think your hair is looking good, but I have one question that is keeping me busy and a little bit concerned for some days. Maybe you or someone else can relate to what I mean. The last picture with your hairline up is given the impression that there are some little bumps remaining at some hairs, isn't it? For myself I can only see it in dependence of the lighting angle. I am hoping these bumps are hairs that are shortly before the breakthrough through the skin and will be gone afterwards. The other option might be that the follicles have not been set deeply enough and my last for a longer time. Will the little bumps disappear? 😕
  11. Hello, I really think our progress seems to be going hand in hand :-). My shedding has also stopped and the hairs that didn't shed just keep growing along with the others, as if they have always been there. The main shed happened in those areas, where hairs where implanted into/very close to my native hair. But in my hair frontline where I hardly had some native hairs, most of the hairs didn't shed. Nevertheless, the last weeks have been ups and downs for me due the ugly duckling phase and fighting the redness, which is (at least in my opinion but not in my brothers) visible in the shedded areas. But what else can we do, but waiting and keep applying aloe vera or what ever and hope to speed up the healing. Still I generally think the recepeint area is healing very, very well. The donor area has never been a problem after surgery. In my opinion this really shows Dr. Bisangas routine. Your last picture shows a very good progress fighting the redness. What kind of Vitamins are you taking? Regards
  12. Currently only two people know about my procedure (mum and brother). I am trying to hide it. I only received one comment from a guy who is bald himself and probably is a little bit into HTs, but i blocked it. What about you? Yes, I hope there wont be further shedding, but I dont know. I will tell you. I think my redness is a little bit lower than yours, but i also had less grafts (though they are in a smaller area than yours). I am currently applying minoxidil (twice a day, once a day on receipent area), aloe vera gel and sometime some bepanthol cream. What is your post-op care?
  13. Hello marshall, how are you doing? My donor is looking very good and was already at a stage before the surgery 2 weeks after the surgery. About the recipient area I think maybe 50% of the hairs have shed. I hope the rest will remain to cover the redness I am still dealing with, which is really annoying under harsh lighting. So far I let everything grow and didnt cut anything. regards
  14. Hello marshall, i had 2003fue done one day before you at bhr clinic and have been at the clinic for checkup at 19th, the time where your grafts were being extracted ? funny, what a small world. And i also stayed at catalonia hotel. i dont want to steal your thread but just wanted to say hello :-). I am also healing very weell, wihtout skin problems or anything else. But i had to ask dr bisanga a question about my hairline today. In my opinion it is not as Symmetrical as i would expect it to be. Wishing you the best