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  1. I am happy with my hairline, where Dr B added some staggering (100grafts) I am also ok with the crown (1000grafts implanted, which is not much). In general, currently I am not bothering too much about my crown. Although I am having a look at it regularly, I am generally more relaxed about my hair, which is also a result of the HTs. Futhermore, I know that especially for the crown one should wait a minimum of 10months for the final result. take care
  2. it seems the concerns at the beginning were not necessary. i am happy for you, it is really looking great
  3. Did you try applying minoxidil on your beard? A year ago I had a similiar bald spot on my right cheek. I always go through my beard before washing the minox of my hands and today the bald spot is invisible and hairs are growing in this area. you should try it
  4. Right... I see, the area hardly did receive any grafts. Really strange. It looks as if they should not have skipped this area, because you show clear signs of thinning here too and will continue to loose density here. From my point of view you will definitely need another ht for this area. Probably it would have been better to priorize the frontal part first and later focus on the crown
  5. The line that you described is obvious. I would also have expected an equal distribution of the multigrafts. But I cannot imagine that this was done on purpose. Did you notice a major shed when removing the scabs? Or did you see a lot of hairs that were removed when doing the more intense washing? Maybe for some reasons the hairs were weaker in the middle area and are now temporary gone. good you asked the clinic. I am curious what they say. I am ok with everything. I noticed that this time I am much less concerned, and over careful with everything. Maybe it is because I ca
  6. Hey danny, how are you doing today? Did you remove all the scabs?
  7. I think your donor is also looking great. The picture that I posted in your other thread only shows that mine is less bloody (after washing it daily) than yours. If you clean it a bit more, they will look the same. The next big step is to gently remove all scabs on day8 as advised by the clinic.
  8. Hello, i can only imagine that it is a matter of the big amount of grafts (4000+) which obviously is very stressful for the skin etc. Although I only had 1000fue and the year before 2003fue wirh dr Bisanga, my donor is healing very nicely and fast (both times). I never used one of the painkillers the clinic put in your bag. However, I have also started applying aloe vera to the donor area about tow days ago it is now day6 after the 1000fue
  9. It was my second procedure. In sept 2018 I had 2003FUE into the front and on Monday 1000FUE into the crown.
  10. Hey danny, I remember your face. We met on Tuesday morning in the entrance of the clinic 🙂 Happy growing
  11. Hi Marshall, looking great and I am happy for you. Upcoming Monday, I am going back to Dr. Bisanga for 1000Fue into the crown.
  12. Well neither the clinic nor me explicitly said ocean. They said saltwater. Maybe it was not the best idea to write it as you can misunderstand it.
  13. My doctor said that swimming in saltwater is one of the best things to do after a HT. Keep in mind most doctors give saline-water (cant remember the exact name) as post care which should be applied regularly and pretty much is salty water.
  14. Hello, I dont understand why you are so worried. It is not mandatory that the old hair will fall out and wont regrow. Maybe you will experience a little (temporary) shockloss. That's all
  15. Hi, under certain light I can also see those little bumps you are describing and I am 9month post op. My doctor said "It is simply growing hair". Next time I see him, I will ask him how long this might last. I think it also called "chicken skin", but we are probably talking about a less drastic form
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