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  1. How do you do it?
  2. Anyone have any recent FUE with Hasson Wong?
  3. Anyone have recent FUE with Hasson & Wong?
  4. Only the donor area, like I’ve said in previous posts, it’s a very faint feeling but my scalp does feel different after the procedure. I healed quite well, maybe it’s in my head?
  5. I agree, chasing perfection is a very OCD-like tendency, and I am guilty of that. However, I do believe that I can achieve a more dense look to match my native hair. I think the photos don’t do it justice, trust me if I shaved my head, it would be much more apparent. I might even do it soon simply due to the fact summer is around the corner. I’ll post pics if I do.
  6. Thanks for the positive response, I’ll definitely give Nizoral a try. What’s the topical liquid that you use? Cheers
  7. Well it’s all about self preception is it not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that..? Yes, my native hair is quite dense, but we’re talking about hair transplant results, not the thickness of my natural hair. I do appreciate the comment though and understand that to some, these kinds of posts could be frustrating.
  8. I’ll check out Nizoral and see a dermatologist, thanks for the tips.
  9. I’m fortunate to have very dense hair naturally, this helps contribute to the appearance that I had a good result. Under light, it’s quite clear that the procedure wasn’t a total success. I agree that it’s not bad either, I just believe that everyone should have high expectations and strive for the best results possible.
  10. Here are some updated pics, nothing has changed since about 5.5 - 6 months. Let me be clear, I think Dr. Nader is extremely fair, professional, and nothing short of awesome to deal with. I really wish this worked out better for me, however; I did expect a better result and am disappointed. I definitely would like a second procedure and will be looking to head to Turkey when the time does come. I still have a slight itch/irritation in my donor area, although it healed very well and there is no visible marking. I wonder why this is? It’s extremely annoying, and makes me regret not going somewhere like Hasson & Wong and having it over with in one shot. I know people will object and say “dense packing in one session is rare” but to each their own. I don’t believe anyone should have low expectations, otherwise what’s the point? This is 13 months post-op, I hope this helps anyone debating a procedure. I took dry and wet photos within an hour of each other, it does really change the way the results look.
  11. Full refund, he offered.. I didn’t ask. I gladly obliged, and once I gave him my banking info he wired the money right away. Dr. Nader is very professional, just didn’t get the results that I should have.
  12. Check my other thread and you’ll see the photos, looks the same at 11 months as it did at 5. Many members on here have had the same issue but most opt for a second procedure with Nader.
  13. Yeah I have my full back, sleeves, and chest tattooed... the skin does rise once in a while still to this day on certain areas. I’m going to Asmed because I don’t feel confident going back to Nader, and the results I got were not good, no growth after 5 months, poor density, not happy. Nader is a stand up guy, and I’m very happy I got my money back; however, you can almost guarantee to expect a second transplant.