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  1. Yes, that was indeed the main reason. Also, a possible second future operation will be easier after a FUT (even if I'll switch to FUE) due to smaller donor area extraction. Thanks for the wishes, guys. I'll keep on waitin'!
  2. End of month 3. I still don't see much change from month 2... Is the spurt around the corner? I sure hope so!
  3. 2 months post op. I think there's a little more hair growing now but obviously no significant visual impact just yet. I'm still wearing a hat on a daily basis.
  4. Thanks, my friend. I most certainly hope so! 1 month post op certainly puts some doubts in you as you look worse off than when you started this journey!
  5. So after lurking around this forum for a while I had decided to dive in head first (pun intended) and go ahead with the transplant. If you'd like to ask me any specific questions I'd be happy to answer. I'll just say that the HT itself was relatively painless and aside from some acceptable uncomfortableness and tenderness in the first 3 weeks the entire process was relatively as smooth as one would expect. I've been taking Finasteride for 2 and half months prior to surgery and I'm using Minoxidil once daily starting 2 weeks after surgery, per Shapiro's instructions. I was a NW 3/4 with balding spots in the crown and heavy thinning in the frontal hairline region. Shapiro has decided on using the entire grafts extracted on the frontal region and let Finasteride do its trick on the crown area. Right now I'm at the 1 month mark. I've been losing a lot of hair during this time, especially after starting to apply Minoxidil. I will update every month or two with pictures of my progress. Hopefully it will be a good one!