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  1. First let me say that I am a semi-public figure, so unfortunately I will be unable to share pictures, but if I could, you would be as impressed as I am. I spent 3 years researching and interviewing doctors for my hair transplant. I probably met with a half a dozen doctors. I am thinning in front and, especially because I give live speeches and appear on TV, my work (and ego) required a more youthful look. I am fortunate indeed that I finally found Dr. Steven Gable. Dr. Gable is an artist and a scientist. He was easily the most passionate doctor I met about my hair transplant, and the most knowledgable, and his expertise was evident in all aspects of his center and his crackerjack staff -- from their professionalism to their state-of-the-art materials and work to their pre and post surgery processes and on to the actual, fantastic, hair transplant. 7 months ago I had 2,300 grafts placed. Mostly FUT but some others as well. Just yesterday I was getting my hair cut and I told the barber. She was dumbfounded. Had no idea and she was staring at my scalp. My hair and hairline is organic, natural, full, and great. One other thing to note: The morning that I went in for the surgery, my blood pressure reading was high, too high. Dr Gable put safety first and told me I had to get it back down or the procedure would put me at risk. Disappointed, we cancelled the procedure and I left. Later I saw my cardiologist and we changed my medication. Thereafter I rescheduled and had my surgery a month later. It is no small thing to cancel a patient on the day of a surgery. Space and nurses had been allocated. But my health was clearly more important than anything else to Dr. Gable. I cannot give him a higher recommendation. He is The Best.