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  1. Thank you devop911. I am happy to travel both to Europe & Asia for a procedure, so Turkey is not the only place i am looking at. Thanks for the advice in regards to Dr Demisroy. I will also have a look at HLC.
  2. Thanks for that. Besides ASMED, i woud like to see if anyone else will put forward their recommendations? I found quite few results by Dr Demirsoy, so considering the results people post and the general satisfaction plus the lower cost makes it an attractive option for me. Also, what i forgot to mention in the first post is finasteride and whether i have the ability to stop taking it after 6-12 months?
  3. Hello all I am 27 years of age currently living in Australia. Been lurking around the forums for a while and i finally started actively saving $ for a potential HT procedure and it is time to do my homework on what i should expect and which surgeons i need to consider etc. I started losing hair around 6-7 years ago in my early twenties and it has come to a point where i need to shave my head or have my hair really short in order to look decent, so the timing for a HT is perfect. I was going to do it bit earlier but never really thought about it that serious and as time goes by, i am leaning towards HT more and more. Main reason why i never considered to have a procedure is because of the sensitivity of my skin. I have a mild eczema which causes some dry skin & itchiness on my scalp from time to time. Clean diet, showering with cold water without using any shampoos seems to improve my scalp so before & after my procedure i would make sure to do all i can to avoid any unwanted issues with my scalp. i am also not using any shampoos lately (have tried Nizoral & ketoconazole and both make my scalp really dry) and that seems to have helped. Few years ago i also tried Rogain foam and after few days my scalp reacted really bad and became really dry & red which made me stop the treatment immediately. I read about few patients that have sensitive skin and still managed to do a HT successfully so that gave me some encouragement to start pursuing this. i do not mind travelling to Europe and do the procedure there, but Asia is also an option as well. I am only interested in FUE because i want to have the option to shave my head if the HT doesn't work out as planned, so having a scar on the back of my head is not an option unfortunately. ASMED so far is my favorite clinic from what i have seen around the internet, but i am sure you guys will recommend me some other excellent surgeons. The problem with ASMED is the cost and i am fully aware that i should not let $ influence my decision, and if ASMED is the place to do my procedure, then that means that i will have to postpone until i save the required $ for that. I will not make a compromise because of cost, but ideally, i would like to pay less (as everyone else i presume :D) so please share some quality surgeons & clinics that would fit into that category. Here are some pics taken this morning. Please let me know what you think (number of grafts etc and whatever else i need to know). I didn't take a picture of my donor area, but my hair is very dense back there. I am interested doing the frontal part and if all goes well, do the crown in few years time as i have noticed that i am starting to lose bit of hair there too. I appreciate all responses! Thanks!