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  1. Dear guys, thank you for all your answers. In my case, I took Finasteride now for 2 Year, each day 1.25mg daily. On the first day I had heavy testicle itches and tiredness and brain fog kicked in on the second day like very heavy. In conclusion, side effects were always heavy but I ignored them mostly until the day when everything crashed and be very scared of using finasteride again. There have been days without it and I can say that everything is getting better than, my mood on finasteride is more mood and scared. So taking this drug with all of this side effects was very dumb, but I told my self it's nocebo like most people did until my men boobs starting to grow and it's not fat but heavy tissue. I had also asked Dr.Muresanu and he advised to try a lower dosage, so I tried since: - 1mg EOD - 0.6mg Daily - 0.05% and 0.1% Topical own mixed Finasteride and Minoxidil Sides were always present. The sides which effect me most are not libido or ed (which is present, too), it's more like: Brain Fog, Depressions/Bad Mood. I am working as a programmer and on some days brain fog is heavy, I am looking at my own written code, and i can't just comprehend, it looks like strings of characters instead of mean code. If this will continue I guess, I will lose my job. Dear Melvin, I had looked at your results and they are very impressive either you are not on finasteride. BUT: I don't know where I am heading to, my hair loss starts with 18 YO and I was an NW4a with 23, crown developed since. So I don't know my parents or grandparents, neither anyone of my family I can't tell if I will be a FULL BLOWN NW6 with sunk sided and a crown falling very deep, how do I know? If I look at older guys more then NW4 I don't see much NW5 moreover NW6s. This all left me scared. Anyway, I hope from my pictures, you can see, that my clinic and I was going the very conservative way. Now since 3 days without any medications but minoxidil(5% once a day) and ket (2 times a week), I am thinking about getting on RU instead, what do you think? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello there,I am in a very Bad Situation. I had a Haitransplant in February with one of the best clinics (ihmo), Hattingen Hair in Switzerland.I had 5200 Grafts with a 2.40 Ratio. So Finasteride worked well for me with minor Sites, stopping Hair Loss totally with No regrowth.In these Last two monts I had a Bad Change:Zero LibidoEDBrain Fog Growing TitsEye ProblemsTesticles HurtsI need to quit with Finasteride and now I find myself in a very bad Situation about my Future.I am 28 years old, Hair Loss Kicked in early and iam a NW5 since 24yo.I am very scared that Sides and Back will dip down and i May not be able to Cover ist, as a NW6 is hard to handle.Cant Tell anything about my relatives, never used to know them.My Donor might be able to Provide 4000 more Grafts with FUT and Fue,I guess.What do you think?Do you have any advices, what I can do now in this Situation?Thank you in advancePics attachedhttps://imgur.com/a/FHFHvrG
  3. Hello, i've looked on many cases of Dr.Demisroy, as much germans on the forum I am usually in, go to him. there some really good resulsts but there are also some very bad ones, too. The work of Dr.Demisroy is not really constant in my point of view. Dr.Demisroy is fine if you are a clear NW3 so a not as successfull HT can be manageable but in your case I can't recommend Dr.Demisroy. If it is turkey, where you want to go take a look at HLC, too.
  4. Hello guys and thank you for your great concern! @delancey Thanks a lot for you advices, it gives me some courage, that i could maybe if everything works fine, the crown could also be adressed in the future and of course I will stick with my medicine treatment and be careful to do nothing rash. About the doctors, I have done my research about 1 year now, and I am really fine to stick with both doctors; contacting Hattingen Hair is really really hard, because he do all of his consultation and communication by his own, but that's something I really sorrow about, I've wrote to him a week a go and no answer, with dr. Devroy I had a skype call, and I can reach him very well. @Castillo I am not really agree, If I adress front and mid scalp with 5000 grafts and the crown expands, maybe the donor wont be able to be harvested that much anymore, what do you think? @newpatient99 Thank you, something like the hair line you posted would be a dream for me, imagine, Iam walking with no Hairline since my early 20th, so I dont bother with conservative hairlines, moreover i like them more then "straight" ones. @Melvin-Moderator This is something, I still thinking about, the guys from Hattingen Hair (I think they are very close to Hasson and Wong, even Joe Tillman is saying that) do get some serious Graft amount per Max-Strip with avg about 4000-4500 Grafts. In my case I think I have a morely small had, so I have to be avg or less. please delete if not wanted) As Dr.Devroy has morely strips with 3,5K Grafts. So there is the question, what is better; Hattingen is behind the theory, that a Max Strip with 4k or more and than a 2k strip and after all a 1k FUE would provide the most graft yield, they also say that the skin laxety will dramatically decrease with the first strip surgery. As I am also very young and cant tell if the current Hair situation wont drastical change, I am not sure if I should keep the max Strip method in my mind. Maybe ther're also some negative points about such a massive strip surgery? Hope my english is good enough, If you dont understand my remarks, please don't hestiate to ask, so i would describe it more detailed. I also like to mention, that this decision is some of the improtant ones of my life, so i dont take it that easy. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello delancey thank you for your reply. I think you're right with the NW5a pattern, sides and back does not seem to be affected at the moment. The problem in here is, that I don't have/know any of my 'family members', so there is no indicator for me, unfortantly. But I have an Image attached, where you can see my current status (left) and the status mostly 3 and a half year before. IHMO its stable with Fin and Minox now. According to the Strip arguments, you mentioned: On the one hand, I like more long hair 2-6cm long, I tried short hair and it doesnt really fit in, so I don't see any problems with the Strip but on the other hand, if I will grow to a NW7 or something like this, it would bother me a lot. The other thing is; maybe I can get out my donor 5k Grafts FUE without thinning out my doner to heavy. But what if the crown expands and I would also need some additional 2k Grafts? With FUT it could be possible, with FUE it could be a bit tricky. There is also to mention, that I would save with Dr.Devroy about 2k€ with the combo instead of the max strip of hattingen (4500 grafts). Do you think I should also involve this argument in my decision, if I perhaps get similar results? I also have one more question, as I have such thin hair but a good hair/skin contrast, do you think I am a difficult case because of my thin hair? Best, jan
  6. Hello there! Iam 27years old, from Germany. My hair loss has been kicked in very early in the age of 19, with 22 i have lost my whole hair line, In the age of 24 most have been lost. Iam on treatments (Fin + Minox) since 1 1/2 year and hair loss has stopped with some regrowth. Now I have saved 14k€ and I feel ready to go for a hair transplant. I've spoken with some doctors which I can afford: -Hattingen Hair (Switzerland) -Dr. Devroy (Belgium) -Asmed(Turkey) They told me to be a good candidate, from photos. I have also some realistic expections: A conservative Hairline and hoping to cover the crown with a slight destiny. From know I dont know which Doctor i should choose: - Hattingen Hair does very good FUT work with megasessions, but the hair lines doesnt match my favor. - Dr.Devroy is considering me to do a combo, if I want to have a Strip (he sees me a good FUE only candidate, too...) - Asmed tells me to be a good candidate for FUE (but they do FUE only ;) ) Can you help me a bit out, I've done my homework and research but I dont know who to choose. Thank you in advance!