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  1. Thanks guys, especially voxman. That is what i have in mind.
  2. Hello, I am a new member and am considering hair transplantation, surprise! At sixty-eight, I am quite a bit older than most here. Nevertheless, I am vigorous and still working full time at a mid-level management capacity. I began losing hair in the crown area in my early forties. That has become more pronounced along with on top. My hair loss pattern doesn't really seem to fit the Norwood Scale. My forehead has been high since my mid0teens and has receded an inch, at most. The top has maybe 25% fewer hairs but they seem to be normal in thickness and growth. The crown has far fewer hairs and miniaturization in about a 2.5 inch diameter. The crown is what actually bothers me most. the back and sides appear to be of normal density and average thickness. Most of my hair is white or getting there pretty quickly and my skin tone is fair. I have tried to take photos but have not come up with any that seem to be very helpful.At my age I do not need a young man's hairline although I wouldn't mind it being lowered a bit. I don't need great density. I would like my rown to be covered with hair that grows normally as I had long hair as a young man. I've told friends I want to look like a musician, even an old one! Any thoughts on my situation will be very much appreciated. I am an experienced traveler, have lived in Mexico, and speak very passable unaccented Spanish.
  3. Thanks guys! Dr. Nader sounds like a very good doctor and the posted results I have seen have been great.
  4. I am considering going to Dr. Nader. My main reservation is security in Reynosa, especially given that some of his patients pay in cash. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks.