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  1. I've been doing a lot of research since you're the second person to comment on the punch size. Seeing some of your posts, I know you know a good amount about F.U.E and probably know that some F.U.E. Surgeons do punch sizes up to 1mm. In fact, .9mm is currently fairly standard for F.U.E. procedures; besides creating larger scars, larger punches can risk collateral damage to neighboring follicles. Smaller punches risk transecting the follicle structure, or not bringing enough scalp tissue along that will allow the follicle to survive. I do see a lot of pictures with people with smaller punches like yours that heal quicker but, that's not always the best options for surgeons and there overall needs to be compromises to achieve the results you want. I personally don't mind the punch size as long as it heals well; which, I am fortunate enough to have a lot of dermatologists' and aestheticians' as clients to know what to do and how to heal it even better then most would (Thank god for being a hairstylist!). I've also, seen other before and after photos of Dr. Panine with the same punch size (.7mm) and they had pretty great recovering results and overall even better hair results. So, please don't be alarmed because all procedures are done differently and all overall healing results are different depending on the person.
  2. Hello! I am a Patient of Dr. Panine and reviewing my personal experience of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant. I am twenty-six years old with 3 transitioning to 3A on the hair loss chart (You can see where my hair was at with the first photo of my first consultation) . I started losing my hair around early twenties. As the years went by and my hair loss progressed, I tried to do minoxidil 5% liquid form during the last seven months. Eventually, I came to the realization my hair will never be what it once was, so, I decided to do a Hair Transplant and started researching. I currently live in Chicago, IL and went online to see what my options were. I first decided to understand what a hair transplant is and what kinds of treatments option I have. I found a few people who had alright reviews but after consulting with them about everything I felt they weren't the right person for me to do this with. I am a not a fan of any type of surgery and wanted to make sure I went to someone with the same vision and had a well known reputation. More then a few consultations later, I stumbled on to Dr. Panine. He had great before and afters and not a bad review to be found and I definitely searched pretty well like I did with the others. Everyone said " He was an Artist when it came to hairlines.", "Great job and made sure I was okay the whole time.", "He was their the whole time." etc... I decided to give him a chance and got in contact with his assistant, Stuart. Stuart was very professional and well knowledgeable about everything. You'd think that would be a giving but the other places really missed the mark on that. He told me in detail about everything and proceeded to show me before and after photos, which they were all very realistic and had a great result overall. I met Dr. Panine afterwards and he was very nice guy. He really made sure to talk about what I am looking for and adding his own artistic vision to create a realistic hairline without me going overboard on my idea. He and I came to a compromise and I really like what he had to say and came up with and decided to go with him. I followed the pre op instructions until the day of the procedure and came in to the office at the time scheduled. I met up with one of the assistants there who was also very kind. She gave me the paper work and helped set me up for everything. Stuart took some before photos and talked to me about it all. Dr. Panine came in said hello and proceeded sketched out the line and made sure I was good with the placement. As the surgery began, he made sure to explain everything and really made sure that I was comfortable as possible throughout it all. I also like to mention that he was there the whole time. When I talked to other doctors about this, they said the assistant would be doing a good amount of the work, which made me uncomfortable but made me really happy/apprecaitive with Dr.Panine. Dr.Panine assistants' were great also! Checked up on me a lot and asked me how I was doing. They would put their hand on my arm gently when they had to extractions or do something and it really soothed and made me feel a lot more comforted. They had gotten me a sandwich of my choice, when they took a miniature break and talked to me about what else they had to do. The process took about fifteen hours and I had more then 2,500 grafts. Dr. Panine work every second of the way with his assistants' for hours and they did an amazing job. Stuart did some post op pictures which I posted. The next day, I came back in to check everything as asked, which everything was Great! I am very happy with the results so far. I highly recommended Dr. Panine and have a lot of people excited to see my hair grow. Here are some photos of my head also, three days after and I’ll be continuing the photo progression. Here’s day 5 going onto 6. (11th-12th photo) Ten Day mark (13-16 photo) Thank you for reading this review and hope this will help your decision. Thank you Stuart and Dr.Panine!