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  1. I began losing hair at crown alone at 18 years old which has progressed to diffuse over whole scalp, had used finasteride on and off between 18-20 but have been using everyday since 20 yrs old, seeing hair loss slow down but not stabilise. I recently underwent an fue hair transplant procedure totalling 3200 grafts (6897 hairs) by ak clinics in Delhi. My hair count prior to surgery was 90 units/cm2 , 187hairs/cm2, my hair loss is progressive but I was also advised I have good donor area/cm2 to harvest. I am curious as to how many grafts I could be able to harvest via scalp in a lifetime with final baldness pattern is showing significantly, noting I have already taken 3200 grafts (1400 crown, 800 midscalp, 1000 front scalp) Any advise or opinions are appreciated. Regards
  2. I have recently undergone an FUE transplant procedure and am curious as to when I can shave my donor/recipient area post surgery date? Any opinions appreciated greatly! Cheers
  3. When transplanting new follicles between native thinning hairs, they are prone to shockloss... is this shockloss permanent to the thinning hairs or will they come back from being dormant and continue to grow out for years to come, until they excessively minituarize? Thanks in in advance for any information Ryan
  4. @Melvin-Moderator I appreciate your replies and honesty mate. I have seen various results of fue scarring from a lot of sources and noticed it can range a lot. I will look into FUSS , I have discussed my current opinion with a couple of surgeons who seem to be willing to give me a shot at surgery.. originally they were hesitant but after face consultation, have Agreed to do surgery as long as I understand the risk of shock loss. i do care about how I look now and believe I will at 30, 40, 50 and so forth. I obviously, just like a lot of people on this forum want a chance to wear a fuller head of hair at this time getting started in life (travelling, starting a business etc).. shaving my head to 5-10mm hair on the back and sides and exposing baldness on top later down the track is a common look to see around for an adult, point being if there is something I can do (risky or not) I want to take a chance because I'm getting close to shaving my head at the moment anyway with the severity of thinning.
  5. I know a lot of people will call me mad at 23 to undergo a transplant.. but answer me this.. If i don't get a transplant and TRY.. I self consciously will shave my head in the near future because my thinning is too progressed. This will leave me with a SHAVED HEAD. If I get a fue graft procedure and it works in my favour.. I will restore lost confidence within myself and restored hair for at least some years to come.. if the transplant causes shock loss and doesn't work out as well as I had planned I can still SHAVE MY HEAD.. leaving me in the same situation i would be in if I didn't TRY and go for a procedure. I would really like to know in depth what dangers I am really causing to myself my getting a procedure done? My main concern is density in my crown/top scalp.. I am not phased by a receeded hairline as I wear long hair anyway. I am currently taking 1mg finasteride/ 5mg Minoxidil combination oral capsule 1 time a day which is proving to successfully slow down my hair loss considerably. And regain some thicker hairs in midscalp.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator unfortunately I never kept many photos throughout my journey in hairloss... in saying that I have taken breaks on finasteride and notice a fast progression in shedding within 1-2 weeks. When I continue medication it slows down the amount of loss by 3/4 in my opinion. I'm shocking with photos but I've tried to add more with direct vision of loss.
  7. @JeanLDD thanks for your response.. ive attached some photos of my hair line and naturally sitting crown. I was going for 3000 grafts because I am travelling abroad and also I want to get the most done as possible while I'm away for my initial surgery so I can move on and enjoy my hair without the degree of stress I have ATM trying to conceal it, being a surfer my hair is constantly getting wet and adds to my In security keeping me out of the water. I love having long hair and if there is something I can do to improve my situation i want to do everything I can to achieve that. (I'm fully aware I'll never luscious thick locks again)
  8. I am 22 and have been thinning since 18 slowly, have been taking finasteride + minoxidil combination oral capsule for 4 years. Which seems to have stabilised or slowed down my hair loss considerably. I am planning a procedure at the end of the year with dr Kapil dua to use 3000 fue grafts from donor scalp to achieve greater density. Totally aware I am very young to undergo procedure, also accept that I will more than likely not achieve a life lasting solution. In saying that I believe I have enough donor grafts to achieve a greater density and buy myself at least 5-10 years in my 20s to not have hairloss as a second nature thought everyday of my life.. $10,000 and a procedure is well worth 5-10 years of confidence in this stage of my life. I'm not fussed on a receeded hairline as I wear my hair long... just want greater density through my crown. i have attached some photos of my current hair appearance. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.