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  1. Looks great . Demirsoy was my surgeon as well (currently 3 weeks post op) I also had around 3k grafts instead Of the quoted 4K - he is careful not to over harvest which I appreciate.
  2. What do you guys think? Should I be convened? I’ve been pretty bummed out al day
  3. According to this article, grafts are fully secure on day 9. I recommend everyone read this article and not attempt scab removal until post op day 9. My surgery was complete on Friday at 5 pm Turkish time. I removed grafts on Sunday 6 am turkish time. So technically it was 9 days postop but had I read this article earlier, I would have waited at least another 12-24 hours. i hope this is beneficial to others
  4. Hey guys so on postop day 8-9 (depending on turkey time versus USA time) wanted to sleep well so I took and Ambien and then accidentally removed all of my scabs in a semi conscious state. I don’t take ambien usually and I did not intend to remove all the scabs. I’m worried I damaged some grafts because I saw some hairs with the scabs and some appeared to have bulbs. I didn’t see any bleeding. There is a photo right after scab removal and another photo from the following morning. what do you guys think?!? Feel sick about it
  5. To give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible he was an actual patient in 2017 and became an employee after.
  6. See the donor pics below. I did shave down the sides with a two guard about 5 days prior these photos being taken.