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  1. I hope you see more growth. Big improvement from before but I would hope for a bit more density at 9 months
  2. I tried finasteride at 24 for about a month. couldn't deal with the side effects.
  3. FUT makes me nervous because if my hair transplant doesn't go well, i like having the idea of "going nuclear" and just shaving my head. An FUT scar would make that option less attractive. Minimum of 3 surgeries doesn't sound appealing. So you don't think a mega session with erdogan is a good idea?
  4. Hey all, I'm a 33 year old male who started noticeably balding around 24. Has gotten progressively worse since then. i use rogaine but it seems to be progressing. I tried finasteride in the past but had severe reduced libido and reduced energy in general, so i stopped it. I'm not willing to take finasteride again. Most of the men on my moms side were pretty much bald by 30. My dads side tend to keep their hair longer into 50's and 60's. I'm thinking about getting FUE in Turkey, erdogan seems like a solid choice. How many grafts do you guys think I would need? Do I look a good FUE candidate? I'm thinking 3500 to 4000 if erdogan ( he seems to harvest pretty generously) Thanks in advance!!