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  1. Never have I ever thought about taking a picture this close to my face let alone also with a mirror behind me. If you haven't tried the big 3 together, and whatever else there is available to you, do so before seeking a hair transplant. This doesn't work for everyone from what I've read but you would be selling yourself and your pocket short if you didn't give it a go. I have had a few people reach out to me thanking me for this thread, that makes me feel almost as good as the results themselves. So, I will continue posting updates. I am still seeing new hairs so I dont see myself stopping this anytime soon. I also think I may eventually get a HT for my crown maybe the frontal if it stalls new growth as I am still using toppik for both.
  2. This would save so much time, Is 5mg foam the same as 5mg pill?
  3. I went from needing 5000 grafts to get OK coverage to say 1500 top and front to look like a stud lol Not that I already don't look lie a stud.
  4. 11 months 4 days ago. Still thickening and growing albeit not as much unfortunately. I am at a point where a little Toppik goes a long way. So much so I was complimented on my hair recently. What I have noticed recently which I noticed a few months back is, I see smaller hairs falling out more frequently and at the time it worried me but I now believe these are small hairs falling to make way for thicker strands. I wish things were progressing as quickly as they did the first few months but they are still slowly progressing so I am not going to stop any time soon! 1) Left Temple, notice the small hairs starting to sprout. 2) Right Temple. hairs starting to thicken and grow. Not as much of a problem area because of how i comb my hair. Figures this would be the stronger side lol 3) Front. This is harsh light, it actually doesn't look this bad in normal lighting. But, you can clearly see the new hairs all along the front continuing to grow and thicken. There was no hair here if you look at my previous posts in this thread. 4) The crown. I comb it in a way here to really show the weak points. When I look at my last post i see some improvement so Ill keep my fingers crossed this gets better even though its been a slow process. 5) just how my hair falls naturally. Ive never liked my hair to be honest, but losing it was way worse than anything i hated about it before .
  5. Its hard, because at some point you look lie a homeless weirdo lol at least i did
  6. Grow out your hair, very long if possible. Then, find a proper barber or salon and hand them a picture of what you want. I did this and have been going to the same person for 15+ years. She cut my hair the other day and for the first time in a very long time, last night someone told me my hair looked fantastic. I nonchalantly said thanks but I don''t think I could have been more excited about a compliment lol
  7. Its very annoying especially if you mess up in the front. You basically have to start over lol. The things we do to be beautiful!
  8. Hitler lol Use the fat tastic. Right after putting it in damp hair, blow dry it, use a brush to shape it if you need too. makes a huge difference for me. I have very flat hair as well.
  9. @LaserCap I actually use a dark as the base and then sprinkle a little medium on top of it. I have naturally highlighted hair so if I am not careful the top of my head looks like a black hole lol. I just did not in these photos. It has been an experimental procedure to say the least. I am contemplating PRP and I occasionally use a laser cap. After September (1 year mark) I will look into PRP. This way, if there is a marketable difference we will all know what did it.
  10. @Mikey1970 Glad my post helped! Also loo into getting the pen i mentioned in this thread. While it still pulls hairs and hurts like hell, its not as bad as just the roller. God luck!!
  11. Know all your product and how to use it. I could have done a better job with the hair fibers, especially in the front but you get the idea. ***Photos in extremely harsh bathroom lightning. Main product for styling: (feel free to recommend products!) Got2B Fat-Tastic Thickening Pumping Mousse Toppik Hair Building fibers dark brown Layrite Natural Matte Cream Medium hold XFusion Fiber Hold Spray
  12. great result. Short haircuts are the bomb i miss them lol
  13. @Mycroft ill be watching. I might bite the bullet for my crown. I have been doing it all for pretty much a year so if there is a quick difference after PRP I'll now.
  14. Great results damn! This guy always does good work. I would imagine those hairs in the sink are normal. We are supposed to shed 100 hairs a day, if you start seeing clumps worry other than that shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Definitely need better photos, it looks like you're in a steam room. Looks like you'll see some nice improvement regardless considering it's only 4.5 months.
  16. So if you've seen my thread of growing my hair back, one of the things I do is a 30 day cleanse. This is not part of what I've been doing for my hair, I've been doing these since 2012. If your committed to losing weight I wholeheartedly recommend this. It is NOT a weight loss program. weight loss is just one of the things that comes along with it. I have been regularly doing these every year, 2 or 3 times a year. I really feel doing these cleanses has aided the other things I've been doing to grow my hair back. When your body is free of all the crap we put it in daily, and trust I put a lot of crap in it LOL, things like your hair nails and skin all look and feel better. This is a fact. I practice what I preach, the picture is of my cabinet. I use the products often, even not when doing a full 30 day cleanse. I also keep a couple bottles of rum with it all, but that's neither here nor there lol it incorporates full meal replacements and intermittent fasting along with proprietary items that assist in boosting metabolism and muscle growth. It's not hard, if you want more info just asK me here or PM me I'm happy to impart whatever help I can. The website can be kind of confusing if anyone needs me to walk you through it let me know. They have a 100% refund policy before 30 days. That means if after a week or 2 or 3 you feel it isn't working, you can send it back! You have nothing to lose here but weight! LINK https://Team-ISA.isagenix.com/
  17. the crown has really visible results, keep updating and good luck!
  18. Man, I wish you weren't doing the other things, or at least not started them so recently. I am thinking about PRP but no one has a stand alone thread....
  19. While I have read this and agree, I need to soak my head in it to really feel like its working LOL