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  1. I use the Doctor Pen A6. I do not use minox and pen on the same nights as Mycroft stated, you increase chances of side effects. I am using 1-2 MM depending on the area Im using it on.
  2. Ingredients are slightly different. They work the same as far as my research. Liquid is easier to apply as foam gets soaked up into hair. From my personal experience; The liquid gave me really bad dandruff. My scalp was white. The foam doesn't do this at all. I go through a lot of it though.
  3. I dont remember where I read about MM size but I do recall 1.5. I do not use it on same night as I use rogaine. I have been using the next day. My derma schedule as I have noted in pasts posts are Monday and Thursday nights only.
  4. 1.5 but with the derma pen I vary between 1 and 2 depending on how much it hurts lol The shampoo I use has a link is in previous page. I purchased Nizoral but only used it a cpl times before I went back to HRL.
  5. It is, the big 3 is a term i've learned on this site. If you go back a page or two, you will, see exactly what I have been doing as I write it all out. I just started using my derma pen....it hurts so much more than the roller...lol
  6. Is it so crazy to think they find a cure while working on a completely different ailment? I feel like I see this quite a bit. You're also talking about a multi billion dollar industry, they probably have it already, it just doesn't make sense to make it public.
  7. I do both of these and a few others, link below. I do microneedling Mondays and Thursday night. I do not use Minox on these nights but other than that Minox morning and night.
  8. I do a few things, both of these included. Check out my progress here and my routine.
  9. My perspective is, when you start doing things in tandem with each other i.e. Finesteride - vitamins - derma - etc - etc, you will 100% see better results than each on their own. Saying vitamins do nothing for you is puzzling. Everything you ingest gets processed by your body. Just know what your putting in your body because not everything is the same. I will preface that by saying FOOD FIRST! A healthy diet is needed, you cannot get everything you need just from vitamins but if you feel you may be deficient in something vitamins will help.
  10. Are you talking about derma roller? Because I do that, every Monday and Thursday. If you go back a page or 2 you will see exactly what I've been doing for 8 months now.
  11. Month 8 to the day. Nothing in the hair just towel dried and left alone for a little after a shower. Hair still growing. Or at least it looks that way to me, especially in the front. I'm definitely praying it is!! Went to Aruba earlier this month and other than that, as I've said before, I've been religious with doing everything. (See previous messages in this thread for exactly what I'm doing) FRONT LEFT FRONT RIGHT FRONT CROWN
  12. Higher yield of graft survival, easier to obtain more grafts per session Also consider with a good Micro-pigmentation job the scar is almost unnoticeable. Its actually a better option just people don't want to have their heads cut open IMO lol
  13. @JCw I imagine as you heal and hair starts growing that will be fine.
  14. It was just looking good today so had to share. Thank God for this forum! Would not have done all this if it had It been for this forum. Question: how long before Finesteride (which I believe is the driving force here, everything else makes it work that much better) hits its max efficacy? Meaning, when can I say ok I've hit the wall this is all it's doing?
  15. Thanks! As it gets longer it gets harder to derma because it catches the hairs and pulls the out, but ill keep at it. better safe than sorry
  16. Increase density in frontal hairline and close up the crown. I think i can get it done w 2500. I was told 4 before the regimine
  17. Im just not really down with a strip in general. even though the results are typically better. Id like the option of keeping hair shorter on sides.. And 3200 hairs falling out effin sucks man, you had strip with that?
  18. We all now its about what we see not what others see. While I have responded well what I've been doing as a whole, it can still be improved upon.
  19. Sup folks. So been very busy with work and life but I wanted to give an uodate. In Aruba at the moment and the lighting in. Bathroom isnt great. I am 7 months in as if the 26th of Arpil. You'll notice one crown photo looking thinner than others. I really leaned into the light. I've been seeing smaller hairs falling out my only hope is they are making way for larger hairs. Frontal still showing signs of new hairs. Crown is eh. Still using fibers which I dislike. Almost impossible to get perfect color and really hard to do with out folding mirror which hotels never have. It doesnt look great but if no one us directly behind you they wont notice. Ket me know thoughts. Hoping to get an HT to close up the gaps next year. No product in hair just blow dried .