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  1. Thanks for the response and detailed feedback. Yes the HT route wouldn't be anything I'd be looking until at least being on Fin for 12 month minimum. I'm more than willing to combine SMP with a HT in the future. Harley Street clinic have actually said SMP could be something I could consider as soon as the end of the year as they believe they could create a natural looking result. If I could achieve a result like the following I would be more than satisfied. Wouldn't really be looking to go any shorter than this: Do you think this is a good outcome and whether it i
  2. Hi Guys, I have been doing a lot of research and been to see a lot of clinics recently to discuss my options to improve my current hair situation. I am a pretty heavy diffused thinner. Have been advised to hold off on going down the suregery route until I've been on Finerteride for atleast 9-12 months (currently 4 months). Have also been advised against this in my last thread: A few clinics, including the Harley Street Clinic have advised to consider SMP as an option to immediately create a denser appearance. I was just wondering if this is a viable option for me given what y
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Yes will most definitely wait to see how I respond to the treatment. As I say, I'm only really seeking a look which doesn't make me look incredibly thin on top as it does now. I would be satisfied if I could achieve something similar to the photo above. I always intend on keeping a short hairstyle. Regards
  4. Thank you very much for the feedback Dr Bhatti. Yes my plan was to wait atleast 6-9 months of using Fin (already 3.5 months in). My thoughts time wise are to reassess in Jan by which point it would take me to the 9 month mark on finasteride treatment. I am very open to the idea of having a second procedure at a later stage if this is necessary. My expectation for a first procedure is just get to a level where I feel comfortable with a more dense crown and thicker look on top which is enough to atleast style it in a simple and short way, I always plan on having a short hair style. I'm led
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm a long time reader / first time poster. My Situation I'm 30 years old. I started thinning around 5 years ago from what used to be described as 'the thickest hair ever". In the past 2 years my thinning has gotten considerably worse all over, and my crown area is the most impacted. Please refer to the attached photos. Treatment I've been using 1mg finasteride for the past 3.5 months and have been on 5% Minoxidil for around 6 weeks. I used Minoxidil a few years ago for about 3 months and stopped using as I was going on an extended travel and never picked it up after (bad
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