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  1. Yikes! Some people apply foam in the morning and liquid at night. I'm thinking that might reduce the chance of a bad shed. Honestly, I'm not digging applying minoxidil every day. I am contemplating going off it in the near future and just get a 800-1000 graft transplant to thicken up the area. I'm just not sure if surgeons are willing to transplant into my existing thin hairs. There's plenty of them but without minoxidil, I doubt they'll be of cosmetic effect. What do you guys think?
  2. Hey Ciaus, Thank you for the informative response. You've really convinced me to give the foam a try. Would switching from foam to liquid usually trigger shedding? I've seen on forums elsewhere that some people experience shedding when they switch their solution/foam to the other. Regards, Sean
  3. I guess the foam wouldn't be more convenient as there's still plenty of hair where I'm applying the solution, weaker as they might be. I'm still curious as to whether the idea of getting a transplant for the sake of going off minoxidil would be a sound idea.
  4. Hey Ciaus, I've been on propecia for close to 2 years and it's worked well at preventing further loss as well as provide some regrowth. The oral minoxidil I took in the past has helped to thicken up the regrown hairs which by themselves aren't as strong as my healthy hairs. I have now switched to 5% topical minoxidil twice daily and what I hate about it is that I can't see how I can use dermmatch with it. I do feel that minoxidil is best used with finasteride, as there is both a regrowth and anti-androgen factor. I'm always surprised to see people get stellar results from
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for all your responses. I've decided to leave my scalp damp with the application. I do some rubbing just to ensure that it doesn't drip down onto my face. Also, how viable is the idea of getting a transplant if I'm sick of using minoxidil to support minoxidil-dependent hair? I would imagine I would have to take a break for a period of time to allow these hairs to shed in order for the doctor to have a better picture of the treatment area. I'm thinking of visiting India again for the transplant if this is a sound idea. Regards, Sean
  6. Hey guys, I started applying 5% minoxidil solution to my scalp recently and would like to know if it is advisable to massage the liquid into my scalp. I was not able to find any conclusive answers from Google about this and would like to hear from experienced users. Should I leave the treated area wet or is it best to rub it in vigorously? Thanks in advance! @Melvin-Moderator @gillenator
  7. Hey guys, I recently started a thread about my concerns with reducing my oral minoxidil dose, and have decided to quit as I do not want to risk my long-term heart health any longer. I will be trying out topical minoxidil for the first time, but am puzzled by the instruction leaflet requesting for users to apply 1ml of the solution to the affected area. 1ml of Kirkland Minoxidil is about 40+ drops and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to apply that much in a 1 inch band of thinning hair just behind my transplants. Would really love to hear any of your advice on this. Reg
  8. Thanks for the response, JJ. You were on 20mg a day previously if I recall correctly. Did you experience any kind of sheds going down to 5mg? How's your donor area coming along after so many surgeries?
  9. Hey Ciaus, Thanks for the reply. The ingredients of Kirkland Minoxidil are Minoxidil, alcohol, propylene glycol and water - all of which do not cause harm to the body unless taken in excessive amounts or if one has an allergy to any of them. People who do drink topical minoxidil from the bottle usually drink no more than 4-5 droplets of the solution. Do really try to avoid going above 5mg if you ever try oral minoxidil. I know of quite a number of people in the HairLossTalk forums who go up to 20mg and that's pretty insane. @jjsrader Hey JJ, just remembered you were on
  10. Hey Melvin, I started shedding after going back on oral minoxidil pills. I went from what I assume to be 5mg oral minoxidil in liquid form to half a 10mg pill (might not be exactly 5mg as I used a pill cutter). Was drinking liquid minoxidil for 2 months before my pills arrived. I increased my dose to 10mg 5 days ago because I was worried my pill cutter was giving me inconsistent dosage every time, and I would rather go for a consistent dose even if it was higher. I'm going to keep taking 10mg till my 5mg pills come in about a month. Definitely going to tough this one out bu
  11. To anyone out there who stumbles upon this thread, Would you be able to share if it is advisable to adjust the dosage of minoxidil in the midst of a shed? I understand I'm part of a minority that takes the drug orally, but this should really be no different from someone asking about changing the strength of their Rogaine solution. My primary concern is that the sudden reduction of signaling strength to the follicles would result in one of those dreaded extended shedding phases, because the follicles are never able to adapt to a consistent dose. Would REALLY appreciate any
  12. Hey Claus, Thank you for your reply. From my experience, oral minoxidil doesn't have a noticeable effect on blood pressure and resting heart rate at 5mg and below. I'm a Chinese male, 5"11 and 143lbs, and am living a rather sedentary lifestyle. I started off at 5mg and did not feel any adverse effects apart from strange sensations on some of my fingers ( probably from increased blood flow from the drug) which subsided after a week or two. I took 5mg for a year without any problems whatsoever but things changed when I ran out of the pills and resorted to drinking topical Kir
  13. Hi Gillenator, Thank you for your advice. Would you happen to know if there are any adverse effects if I suddenly increase/decrease the dose of a medication (Minoxidil in this case) in the midst of a shed? I believe Minoxidil works by instructing telogen hairs to shed immediately and to begin the anagen process. I am worried that adjusting the dose while shedding would somehow result in complications for the regrowth process (I'm rather paranoid now), and would love to hear what you think about it. Thank you, Sean
  14. Hey guys, I recently reduced my oral minoxidil dosage from 10mg to 5mg, and was shocked to see that shedding of the minoxidil-dependent hairs has begun within a week. I'm wondering if any of you here who use Minoxidil might be able to share your experiences with reducing your dosage. Is it common for sheds to happen when reducing the dose and would there be a good chance that I'll get my previous regrowth if I increase the dose again? Thanks and really really hoping to get some advice.
  15. Hey @Melvin-Moderator, I was looking at the article you posted on your website: https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/what-does-the-illusion-of-density-mean-for-hair-transplants-/3275, and was wondering what exactly this '"layering and feathering" would look like. Would there happen to be any examples of layered/feathered hairstyles or unlayered/unfeathered ones just to illustrate your point? I had my HT 2 years ago and wore a hair system the entire time it was growing in. Just got rid of the system on Sunday and am sharing the photos of my pre-op, immediate po
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