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  1. Thank you for your reply, Dr Sethi and Dr Bansal. I understand that density often has to be limited due to the complications you mentioned. However, if the goal of achieving high density is split into 2 sessions, will these complications be avoidable? Also, are there any complications for a second hair transplant surgery that isn't widely known? Thank you.
  2. Hey guys, It's been 7 months after my op and I'm rather satisfied with my results. I now have a hairline that frames my face but still find myself getting disheartened when I critically examine the density in a mirror. From a social distance, I appear to have a full head of hair but up close and in a mirror, it appears gappy especially when I view it from the bottom up. I'm a perfectionist and I've also heard several times that a single procedure is unlikely to give you a very dense result. My question is; assuming you've had a densely packed result from the first procedure, how significant of an impact can a second procedure make when transplanting into the same area? I know native density is unrealistic because of donor availability, but for my age (23), I am really hoping for a result that is as dense as possible. Thanks
  3. Hey Jean, Did adding more density to the previously transplanted areas add any significant coverage? Kinda hard to tell if it's your new hairline or the increased density that's giving you a dense look.
  4. Leftwithrope

    Transplant in Asia

    Dr Bhatti is a highly recommended doctor based in India.
  5. Sorry, can't reveal here. PM me for more details.
  6. Leftwithrope

    Unusual Question About Shock Loss

    Quick question. Does anyone know whether the using and subsequent disuse of minoxidil on native hairs will cause them to fall out? I am thinking of using it on the shocked areas to encourage growth.
  7. Hello, I promised to upload a picture of my results on another thread, so here we go. I am 23 years old and am Southeast Asian, so majority of my hair has fine caliber with the exception of hair in my donor area, which is really coarse/thick. I decided to undergo a hair transplant at such a young age because it was psychologically too painful for me to be a norwood 3A at such a young age AND being asian. Even though it is only 7 months after the procedure, I am already beginning to feel the positive effects that a full head of hair can give. The transplanted hair is now 1.5-2 inches long while my native hair on top is 3-4 inches, so it'll take some more growing out for me to achieve a more seamless blend. I experienced shock loss of terminal hairs above the transplanted area at around month 3, which is really causing the overall result to suffer. You will not be able to see the shock loss here because I layered my native hairs over it. It's almost month 7 for me and I do see some signs of regrowth, so fingers crossed. Statistics: Grafts: 2500 (Doctor added in a free 100 grafts to offset any transection, so that makes it 2600) Density: 50-55 grafts/cm^2, with lesser going further back Hair characteristics: I had no measurements done for this, but when a trichologist used one of those magnifying tools on my scalp, my donor hairs seemed to be really fat and black, in contrast to the rest of my hairs, which is fine as is typical of Asian hair. This is probably why I managed to have good coverage. My hairstylist actually asked me if my surgeon transplanted at a higher density than my native density. Asians having lesser native density than other races + coarse donor was a huge help for me in this area. Donor area is a bitch to photograph, but if scars are not visible even at a 1 guard buzz, then it's pretty good. I will not name the doctor or clinic because he has explicitly stated that he does not wish for his results to be posted online without his discretion. He does not belong to any coalition and is practically unheard of in this forum.
  8. Leftwithrope

    Unusual Question About Shock Loss

    Alright, I will post pictures soon. I'm a young Asian (23 years old), so I believe there'll be a niche crowd who'll it be helpful for.
  9. Leftwithrope

    Unusual Question About Shock Loss

    This is really interesting! So even the hairs on healthy non-balding people start off their growth cycles as fine, wispy and colorless hair?
  10. Hello I'm at close to 7 months now and am thrilled with my results (still thinking if I should post my results here). Although my results are good, there is a patch of hair behind the transplanted area which fell out around month 3 and is causing my overall result to suffer. I typically hear of patients encountering shock loss around a few weeks after the surgery but mine started rather late (3 months, when transplanted grafts were just beginning to awaken). Now, I am wondering if hair that comes back from shock loss (simply put, hairs that exited telogen and entered anagen) always emerges fine, colorless and wispy. I had assumed that only transplanted hairs would emerge out of our scalps with these characteristics, but seeing how no one has analysed how newly sprouted native anagen hair looks like, I figured it's a sound question to ask. If our healthy native hair does indeed start sprouting with these characteristics, I would be a lot more at ease as I'm seeing some recovery in the shock loss area (fine and wispy hairs). The hairs were healthy and actually continued growing as normal until the shock occurred.
  11. Dude, talking to your doctor is the only thing that will give you any semblance of a peace of mind right now. Any helpful advice has been rehashed and repeated in other threads, so please send an email or make a call to his office.
  12. I don't have balding in my crown, so I don't know. Most patients and doctors agree that the crown grows later than the frontal areas though.
  13. Lmfao. I'm Asian and didn't start balding until I started weightlifting and going on bulk/cut cycles. I completely stopped shedding after I ended a pretty horrific cut cycle and my hair haa been the same then. It doesn't mean jackshit if you bench 2x bw in the gym bruh. Increasing PRs every week while being on a cut was a huge stressor on my body and I can see why it could have hastened the onset of MPB. If you want to confront your doctor about your issue, it's best if you have data to show you're healthy, no? Relatively inexpensive and potentially helpful, so why not?
  14. Get bloodwork done to figure out if it's an issue with your body. It's not impossible that it's an issue of surgical skill, but if it's as bad as you said, then I'm highly inclined to think that it's not entirely his fault. Give it a month or two maximum and then the issue persists, you can consider more drastic measures.
  15. Hey guys, Just yesterday, I visited a hair transplant surgeon in my country to check out the overall health of my scalp and native hairs, as well as to get her opinion on the progress of my transplant (done by another doctor in India). I was really delighted that she found it to be good work but was puzzled when she mentioned that the 2500 grafts surgery I had undergone was a rather large one, and that I should not undergo another procedure because I would risk depleting my donor (She estimated that I had roughly 1500 grafts left in my donor for FUE, and if I needed more, FUT would be the only way). From my experiences in trawling through patient results and clinic websites, 2500 grafts seems to be a moderate amount of grafts for the frontal third. Also, I have pretty darn thick donor hair (fat as fuck under those magnification tools) and simply find it incredulous that I have only such a limited amount of hairs left for FUE. Patients like JeanLDD undergo FUE sessions at 3k grafts each time with no problem, so being told this after going through only 1 session really confuses me. I am intending to get a second procedure with the same doctor mainly to beef up the area behind the hairline that wasn't as densely packed and estimate that about 500-1000 grafts will be needed to accomplish this. Did the doctor just say I blew more than half my donor to restore my hairline or could this be a mistake? Could my very thick donor hairs be the reason why I have such a limited availability of donor? Thanks in advance.