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  1. Thanks for the response. I have had consultations with the following: Sean Benham recommending 900 grafts @ $6250 LA Hair Clinic recommending 1200-1500 grafts @ $10,000 Mark Dauer recommending 1200-1400 grafts @ $10,000 Hasson & Wong recommending 1800 grafts @ $14,400 I really like the results at LA Hair Clinic, but I am skeptical about the limited amount of reviews here. I was excited about Dr. Benham, but I didn't like the way they had me meet with this random former patient who was trying to sell me on the surgery. He was like a used car salesman. Dr. Dauer was not friendly at all and I am not that impressed with the results on his site. Hasson/Wong seems legit based on reviews but I don't think I'm in need of 1800 grafts. Still waiting to hear back from Nader in Mexico and Lorenzo in Spain.
  2. For my Norwood 1.5 situation... I've had a couple of in-person consultations with Dr. Benham and Dr. Dauer here in Los Angeles. Nothing abnormal or off-putting necessarily, but I have decided to keep looking and have received a quote from LA Hair Clinic/Dr. Abrahamian in Pasadena for 1500 grafts. I really like his results and design. I haven't seen any reviews here on the network, so I'm wondering if anybody has experience or has heard any feedback about LA Hair Clinic or Dr. Abrahamian's surgeries? Any info is appreciated.