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  1. Thank you @Postdoc Hmm.. I thought there was a study with finasteride 6 days of the week with dutasteride only once every week showed good results.
  2. Hi, I have seen many posts here regarding Finasteride and how it is linked to Prostate Cancer - whether it is finasteride preventing it or making the cancer difficult to diagnose, or even causing it. But, I don't see any discussion regarding Avodart having the same side effect. I see on the internet that Avodarat can increase the risk too. I am already taking Finasteride for close to 10 years. I am wondering if adding Avodart/Dutasteride can make it worse? Does any of you esp. any of the doctors have more information?
  3. Yes. He is one of the doctors I am considering. Thank you.
  4. Your honesty is welcome. When you mention body hair, your intention is to use it for fixing the scar?
  5. I have read things about Diep too. I agree. Is Bloxham newly added? Because of the Visa stamping and stuff, I am ruling out traveling. For now. How I wish H&W and Rahal had surgery centers in US! Thank you
  6. Thanks TrixGlendevon. I will add those doctors, too. How about the CA doctors, Diep and Rosanelli? And, Nadimi?
  7. Thanks for the response, Gasthoerer. I think you are saying I can fix the donor scar and shave my head? The scar on the scalp in the pictures is because of an allergic reaction to a medication which affected my face and scalp. This was the trauma I was referring to. The transplanted hairs are on the front. I have a lot of body hair, I do think it looks alike. But, I need to check with a specialist. I struggled to take pictures of the scar on the back. I am attaching the ok ones. There is loss around it , so, not great.
  8. Hi, I am 37. I have been losing hair since age 20. My Dad is NW6, so were one of my Dad's brothers and my maternal Grandfather. I also have had dandruff on and off for a long time. Previous hair transplant: In 2011, FUT 2250 grafts with Dr Madhu Pathuri, (no pictures) I think I was NW5 back then before the transplant. A couple of years back, I had some trauma and I feel it affected my scalp as well. I feel I may have lost transplanted hairs in the front. Medication: FInasteride 1 mg for close to 10 years. Minoxidil 5% on and off for 7-8 years. I don't want to add unnecessar
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