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  1. Yes - finasteride and minoxidil. I think I would be in a much worse position right now if I hadn't started taking those when I did.
  2. So it’s only the front centimetre and a half that is at three months - the majority is 12 years old! But yeah, the growth this time has been quite literally unbelievable. Some of the hairs never fell out and just kept growing. Then more started sprouting at 7 or 8 weeks. I will say that I am incredibly itchy right now.... but I can cope with that 😍
  3. I wanted to share this review for anyone looking to achieve a premier league hair transplant. If you genuinely want the best, you HAVE to go to Dr Rahal. There are, of course, other good doctors who produce good results - but literally NO ONE gets results like Rahal. The guy has changed my life. I had my first transplant with Rahal around 12 years ago at the age of 26. I started losing hair early and I was virtually suicidal over it. I couldn’t cope with it, but was terrified of having a transplant because of the strip scar. At that stage, FUE was in it’s infancy and the growth rates were very poor compared with strip so if I wanted a transplant it had to be a strip or nothing. I eventually decided that I didn’t care about the strip scar - if it didn’t work, a wig was my back up plan. I went to Rahal and he did strip putting 4000 grafts in to my hairline. Around the same time I also started taking finasteride, and eventually started using minoxidil too. The hairline design was relatively conservative because we assumed I would lose a lot more hair over the coming decade and would need to keep my donor area to fill in the top of my head in the not too distant future. However, the finasteride and minoxidil worked brilliantly for me maintaining my existing hair so three months ago - now aged 38 - I went back for a second procedure to lower the hairline a little further. We used another 2500 grafts, just to lower the hairline and restore my temple points and achieve a more youthful looking hairline. Since I already had a strip scar, we decided to go with strip again. It has only been just over three months and the results are already incredible yet again. This most recent procedure wasn’t strictly necessary - it was simply a case of touching up and improving on an already brilliant result. I guess I was greedy and wanted closer to the ideal teenage hairline again. When you look at the pictures of where I started and where I am now, the result is unbelievable. People don’t think I had a hair transplant or thinning hair - people actually comment on how thick my hair looks, which is incredible since I was well on my way to being a slap head in my mid-20s. Getting to Ottawa is not the easiest. I travelled from the UK. And Dr Rahal likes you to hang around in his guesthouse for a week after, resting with your head elevated at 45 degrees in a recline. It kinda sucks, but the way I looked at it was it is only one week out of my life and if it means a great result, then so be it. I wanted to follow every aspect of his protocol - pre-op and post-op to make sure I could get the best possible result. I have attached a couple of pictures - one before, and one this morning. You can see in the current photo the new hairs just planted at the hairline and temple points, which are still short and a little sparse - but still an incredible amount of growth considering it was only three months ago, and that is only going to get better. I realise this sounds like I am being paid to promote Dr Rahal - but I am not. I am just so incredibly happy with what he has done for me and I cannot describe the difference he has made to my self confidence and I am surprised he is not talked about more on these forums. I know there are other great doctors out there, but none in his league. He is genuinely in a league of his own, so please, do yourself a favour - if you are going to put yourself through the trauma of a hair transplant, get yourself a flight to Ottawa and go to the best!
  4. I had my second hair transplant recently to lower my hairline. I had my first surgery a long time ago, and went back for a second surgery to bring my hairline a little lower. I have a bit of thinning at the top of my head, but it hasn't been bad enough to warrant doing any surgery there (yet). Since my most recent op however the top of my head - which has never been operated on - is shedding like there is no tomorrow. I don't know what is going on. I haven't been losing hair like this since I was a teenager! I am on Finasteride and Minoxidil and I am going to start some PRP soon too. Has anyone else experienced loss like this after surgery in a non-operated area? I am absolutely freaking out at how bad this is.
  5. After my Rahal surgery I swelled like nothing else. I remember it being 2 or 3 weeks before my face looked normal again.
  6. I don't think anyone beats Dr Rahal for hairline... it's worth the extra travel. I travelled from Europe to see him 10 years ago for my hairline and it was the best thing I ever did.
  7. JohnRoss

    Rahal strip recovery

    I will ask them - but I am getting my hairline done, and with Rahal it will definitely be super-dense packed, so I guess I am going to have to just suck it up to get the result I want!
  8. JohnRoss

    Rahal strip recovery

    Awesome! Which zones did you have your grafts placed into? Did you have the hairline done? I had 4000 grafts last time... not sure how many I will need this time. I want to lower my hairline a bit more - last time we were conservative with hairline design because I was young.
  9. JohnRoss

    Rahal strip recovery

    I think it was the recipient site that caused the swelling. I hope it is less this time... would love to hear from anyone who has been to Rahal recently!
  10. JohnRoss

    Rahal strip recovery

    When I had my first procedure I was relatively young and so we were quite conservative because we weren't sure what the future would hold for me in terms of hair loss. Now I am 10 years older and my hair loss has been pretty stable on meds, we've decided to go back and lower the hairline a little more and thicken up the top.
  11. So, I had a strip with Rahal 10 years ago. The results were amazing, and I couldn't have been happier, so I am planning round 2 with him soon. The recovery however from Round 1 was pretty horrendous - my eyes were swollen shut for almost a week after surgery. Has anyone had a strip procedure with him in more recent years? How was your recovery in terms of pain and swelling? I'm hoping things may have changed in his practice between then and now so that I may get a bit of an easier recovery this time. I HATED the recovery process last time and can't believe I am planning to do this again. But the results were worth it.