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  1. I had my first transplant 12 years ago and I can tell you then these forums were rife with people claiming that within 10 years hair multiplication would be a reality and no one would ever need to worry about a donor site again. Here we are, more than 10 years later, and still no further forward. Do not rely on what science MAY provide in the future - go based on what we know right now. I would say the advice you have had here is sound. Incidentally, I travelled from Europe to have surgery with Rahal - despite the fact I was recently graduated and up to my eyeballs in student debt and couldn't really afford it. Still, somehow I managed to pay it - and the student loans off - and I am so glad I did. The results Rahal gave me are world class. I do not believe any other surgeon anywhere in the world could have given me such a good result. I've long since forgotten about the temporary financial difficulties it caused me, but still enjoying the lifelong results it achieved. Also worth pointing out that I had strip and my hairdresser cannot find my scar. Find a surgeon based on results, not price.
  2. I feel for you! My first result with Rahal didn't grow in this fast. But I probably did have more growth at this stage than you have. HOWEVER, everyone is different. Maybe you will be a late bloomer. I've got everything crossed for you my friend!
  3. I just wanted to update at 6.5 months post-op. This is a photo taken yesterday when I was having my hair cut, with my hair wet sitting under the harsh lights in the salon! I could not be any happier with the outcome. This has been life changing for me.
  4. Sorry to hear you are still not happy. The density at 40 FU’s / cm sounds a bit lower than Rahal’s normal hairline density. When I first went to him (12 years ago), he talked about 70-80 FUs/cm, although when I went back to him last year he said he would go about 50. It sounds as though he has gradually lowered the density he plants at over the years (I am sure he has a good reason for doing this). It also sounds as though there may have been technical challenges with your particular case too that he has been up front about (slippery grafts that were more difficult to place). I think you will definitely get more growth over the next few months. Have you discussed with Rahal yet what will happen if you do not get enough growth to make you happy? He is a good guy and I am pretty sure he will want to do whatever he can to make you happy.
  5. I am pretty sure it is against Royal Protocol to have a hair transplant.
  6. If you had strip with Rahal then you seriously need to stop worrying. It literally just doesn't get better than that. I will try and post more pics soon, but it is really thickening up fast now.
  7. Sorry yours is taking longer to grow. Maybe it is because you had FUE and I had strip. I know when I was first looking at FUE, a longggg time ago, it was considered to be more traumatic and less predictable growth. I don't know if it has changed since then because I never really considered FUE this time - I just wanted to go straight back and have more of the same. I think I am now at 100% growth although I am just waiting for the length of the new hairs to reach the length of the old hairs. Hang in there, I am sure it will end will for you... eventually!
  8. I keep my hair longer - but I have buzzed to a 3 in the past and it was fine. I think I could even get away with a 2. But then I went to Rahal... who is the best in the world
  9. Absolutely FIRST CLASS work time and again from Dr Rahal. I have noticed however that Dr R seems to be using smaller graft numbers than he used to?
  10. I have had two FUT procedures with Rahal and I think it was the best thing I have ever done. I think you get better growth, faster and you don't get the moth eaten look at the back. The scar only becomes an issue if you plan to shave your head in the future (which I never would do). It's true that the recovery is worse with FUT, but it is a week out of your life. Who cares for a lifetime of great hair
  11. I just went back to Rahal for procedure number 2, 12 years after my first procedure with him. I could not be more pleased. I was delighted first time round, so automatically went back however his techniques have improved considerably since the last time I was there and this time I am beyond delighted. I seriously do not think you can get better than Rahal, anywhere in the world. I have seen results from other top doctors that are good, but they are not in the same league as Rahal - not when you see them in real life.
  12. The only thing I did differently this time was take vitamin supplements. I thought it was probably a load of rubbish, but for the sake of £20 for a six month supply it was worth a shot. Not sure if it had anything to do with my faster growth rate this time, but for anyone looking to have a shot this is the vitamin I used. https://www.boots.com/boots-skin-hair-and-nails-180-tablets-10149709
  13. I paid 20k for two procedures with Rahal. And you know what? I would personally pay three times that much for the result he gave me. The guy is a rock star of hair restoration and I actually told him the last time I saw him that he should charge more! I would be more than happy to pay it for his level of skill / expertise.
  14. Before I chose Rahal the first time I consulted with a number of the 'bag name' doctors at the time and they all had impressive before and after pictures. When I actually met with Rahal patients and saw his results up close however there was no comparison - the density he can achieve is unparalleled. I am a very highly strung, uptight perfectionist and to satisfy me I needed a near perfect outcome. I can accept not everyone needs / wants that level of perfection, but if you are looking for the absolute best of the best then Rahal is the man. I am just devastated he will retire at some point, probably before I need my third and final transplant in another 10 years. Some people asked for more close up pictures so I have taken this morning when I got out the shower and my hair was wet which I think is a good way of showing real density. You can see the new section at the front isn't as dense as the previous transplant (yet) but I just can't believe how good it looks so quickly this time. Literalno, I really wouldn't worry about your regrowth at this stage. Month four is still early and at this stage most people are just starting to see a few hairs coming through. I got exceptionally lucky in the way I healed. We both had the same surgeon and same team, only a couple of weeks apart so you should get as good a result as me. It's just taking your body longer to recover. You should definitely speak to Rahal if you are having doubts though... you had the best of the best and you will be fine with a bit more time. Send me some pics and I will give you an honest opinion