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  1. Hi guys, thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. I have read your experiences carefully the last months. Now I write to ask for your advice and help in order to make my best decision. I'm planning on going to Turkey. I have contacted several clinics and doctors and I can not make a decision. So far my finalists in the following order are: 1 Dr. Muttalip Keser 2 Dr. Koray Erdogan 3 Dr. Pekiner Kaan 4 Dr. Ekrem Civas 5 Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz 6 Dr. Dr Hakan Doganay 7 Dr. Levent Acar I consulted them and these were their valuations, everyone can receive me in the last days of September: Keser estimates that 2000-2500 grafts are needed at $3.5 per graft; Koray 2800-3200 grafts at $2.5 per graft; Kann 3500 grafts at $ 2 per graft; Civas 2500-2750 at $1.5 per graft; Karadeniz 4000-5000 hairs asking for $2300; Doganay 3000 grafts at $ 2.5 per graft; Acar 2000-2500 asking for $3490; I have spent months reading reviews in Italian, Spanish, American and English forums and I still can not make a decision. That's why I ask for advice. Only someone who knows the procedure entirely can help me decide. Only Keser, Koray and Kaan (he was a medical assistant to Dr. Keser) perform the procedure entirely with manual punch, And only Keser, Kaan and Karadeniz perform the procedure entirely by themselves without the help of technicians or nurses. The rest is only involved in part of the procedure, generally opening the channels and doing the design, leaving the major part of the surgery in the hands of technicians. On one hand Dr. Civas is the one with the largest number of affiliations and membership in organisms and hair restoration clubs, However, I can not find reviews of their work in forums. On the other hand Keser doesn’t have any certification or affiliation currently and nevertheless has an excellent reputation in forums. Koray is an intermediate case, he has affiliations and good reputation but I am discouraged that he delegates the extraction and the implantation of follicles to technicians and I have also read that he usually designs a generic frontal hair line. It is at this point where I request your advice and help. I want to restore my temples and front hair line with natural appearance and optimal density. I have high expectations and I expect a perfect result. I’m 27, I do not want to go through two or more surgeries. Tell me your opinions of each doctor on my short list and help me make a much shorter list, discarding one by one with valid arguments to find the most competent surgeon with the best team for coverage hair line and temples with approximately 3000 grafts for my situation and my high expectations.