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  1. Some more pics taken by the clinic. Before and after. I’ll post a 6 month update in a couple of weeks.
  2. Hey Deano, The experience was fine, pretty much as expected. Dr Reddy was present for the majority of the operation as far as I am aware. At times when the techs were doing their bit he would be sat observing. Other times he did pop out of the room, but I was felt reassured that I was the only patient having the surgery. This was another reason I opted for Dr Reddy and surgery in the UK.
  3. At the 4 month mark. Forgot to mention my regime of regaine foam (5%) once a day at night. Can’t stand to put it on in the day as it makes my hair look and feel awful. Also use Propecia 1mg once daily.
  4. Hey all, I had an FUE with Dr Reddy at the Selston clinic (Outside Nottingham UK) on the 7th April 2018. It cost £6000 for about 3500 hairs. Before. About 2 weeks after.