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  1. Thank you all for your swift and helpful replies. Kimura50, I had actually just checked out your great early result prior to posting here. Seeing it again was reassuring. Payam, I wouldn't like to judge your result prematurely. It seems you are well on track but somewhat disappointed by the experience at the clinic. I guess I can surmise that Dr Bisanga, while also using techs, has a more hands-on approach, both during and after the procedure. I have seen that he is willing to remedy unsatisfactory results and provide post-operative care and counsel. That speaks volumes. So both having great FUE results in general, it seems Erdogan wins out financially, but Bisanga comes out on top in terms of a more personal experience and availability post op. Food for thought. Thanks again
  2. Dear All, I realise this is an oft-repeated question, and that there are similar debates/questions on other forums, however, I wanted ask your valuable advice on these two surgeons as pertains to my personal situation in 2018, seeing as some of the other comparisons date back a few years and both doctors have published more results since then. This forum has been an immense wealth of information and here I am, like many of you have been in the past, on the verge of booking my first HT, and taking that definitive step... I would welcome any advice . I'm 35 years old, and a Norwood 2.5. I have a naturally high hairline (which can be rather typical of people with long, slender heads like mine) that receded a bit from when I was around 24 to around 29 years of age. It has been pretty stable since then and I do not have any noticeable diffuse thinning in the mid section or crown area. It's really a case of having a receding temples and a hairline that is about 8-8.5cm above the eyes. I don't think anyone looks at me and says "Hey, look at that bald/blading dude", however, I'm unhappy with my "mature" hairline and want to act now rather than making what may be a significant physical change later on. Basically I have been looking at a FUE procedure with Dr Bisanga for a while now, and after having consulted with him, I had a pretty good feeling. He recommended between 2300-2600 grafts and designed a hairline that would lower the current one to 7cm above the eyes, while also filling in the temple points. He said I would look silly going any lower, particularly in later life. I tend to agree, but secretly wondered what a 6.5cm-above the eyes hairline would look like Aside from his reputation as an excellent surgeon, being a discrete person, I was attracted to the idea of a procedure where I could drive there and back right before taking a rather long holiday, thus avoiding public transport/planes and colleagues for a substantial amount of time (I have a lot of leave saved up and could potentially take 4-5 weeks off for a summer holiday). This was the cherry on top with Bisanga. However, after having discovered this site, I have noticed more and more impressive results from Dr Erdogan in Turkey (a destination I had initially crossed off my list for fear of not wanting to be seen out in public, let alone taking a plane). I started thinking to myself, ok, this guy clearly has taken care of his marketing, and seems to have a bit of a rockstar approach to hair transplants, he only does FUE etc. But basically for profiles like myself (FUE hairline work only) he has a lot of impressive results under his belt. In the last couple of weeks I have seen a few (albeit only a few) mediocre results (among many very good ones) from Bisanga (a botched right-temple graft/a few very thin results etc.) which have got me second guessing somewhat. Money isn't really an issue and I would be a fool to make it so when it comes to having an HT. So whom would you choose in my situation? Once again, your advice would be greatly appreciated.