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  1. Hi I just got an HT today with Asmed. It's was a bit more painful then I thought as the Anesthesia kept wearing off I got ,3200 grafts Does this look normal? It's right after the HT no wash yet can't help but worry about those red blood clots. Dr. Koray said it's all good. What do you guys think?
  2. I would cut to a 2 grade as well but Asmed do recommend 6 months not touching the top. How much will it matter?
  3. Have you contacted Asmed? If not best bet is to contact them and ask them how to move forward since you are past the 18 month mark so they should give you a solution and not tell you to wait for it to thicken up.
  4. Quick question I think someone already asked previously when did you start using a trimmer on the recipient area? I was told about 6 months but your hair always seemed to be trimmed and tidy looking throughout. Great progress by the way Thanks
  5. I feel your hair condition is similar to mine having a unsuccessful first surgery of 3000 grafts so I am going to Asmed this Dec. Apart from your crown which is still good but mine is bald patching. Did they mention anything about shock loss and are you on Fin? Thanks and good luck
  6. Hey Payam, Just skimmed over this thread and I totally agree where you are coming from but as annoying as it sounds it’s a waiting game and looking at your 7 month progress another 5 months should get you a decent result. If not people will till you to wait another 6 months! I am scheduled to see Asmed in Dec to get my HT. I hope your comms with him has made him sort out any issues they “may have “with techs. I must admit this has made me worry a bit since I hardly see any negative comments about the clinic but again with the changing workforce throughout the years and tech stability/mood on the day makes it hard to maintain a flawless reputation. Keep us posted on progress
  7. Thanks just went through your journey. I am from Australia as well. My surgery is on December 4th. Still not on fin getting it next week. This will probably be my last HT as I don't think I will havel more donor capacity left. So hopefully the use of fin and nizoral will help with the crown. Maybe do an SMP if it really bothers me. How do you get access to fin in Australia? I was trying to avoid buying online internationally. Now getting it from Ashley and Martin but they have been a pain trying to put me on a program first. Congratulations on your results!
  8. Hi All, Thought I post something since everyone here seems so helpful and motivating. I am 34 yrs old had my first HT in 2010 FUT in Thailand with Dr.Path about 3000 grafts. The result was mediocre I mean definitely a difference but not enough thickness and density. I have been surviving on toppik ever since. Cannot leave home without it. Now I'm sick of using toppik so considering at HT with Asmed clinic Dec this year. I have been told 2800 to 3000 grafts depending on my donor capacity for frontal only which sucks because I have a bold spot. I was told I may suffer shockloss because of my thinning hair. I was told to go on finesteride. I stopped about two years ago but it looks like I will be going back on it. Wanted to know what you guys think about shockloss and going back on fin? I also couldn't find any patients with a similar case where there is coverage on the top but not enough density and volume. Thanks guys.
  9. Hey man good result. Just wondering did you follow any sort of diet? Does it help in terms of growth keeping a clean diet? I know a clean diet is helpful bin general but does it directly contribute to HT growth success rate?