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  1. Knight88

    Scalp white after washing.

    Yes mate looks similar. Mine isn’t as obvious as that but I would say it’s similar.
  2. Hello. I am almost 4 weeks post FUE. This week I have noticed that after I wash my hair/scalp there is a build up of something white after I’ve rinsed with water. It is visible whilst the scalp is wet and then once dry it disappears. Anyone experienced this? Any ideas what it is?
  3. Knight88

    Follow up/weight training.

    Yes I’ve spoken to them. Advice was rest for 15/16 days. Then light weights for a few weeks, building back up to the weights I used to lift. Ive been back in the gym 1 week and taking things light weight more reps. Not doing a lot in terms of heart rate and sweat so going to stick with that for a few weeks.
  4. Knight88

    Follow up/weight training.

    I’ve literally got 1 scab left and it’s that one that you can see in the picture. The rest have all gone. Yes i had PRP at the time of procedure. haha mr positive there telling me I will lose more hair. I am on propecia and have been for about 4 years.
  5. Knight88

    Shedding!! Is this normal?!

    So here we are, day 17. Scabs have all come off (bar 1). Ive had a little trim back and sides. Overall I am happy with my progress so far.
  6. Hello. Just an update really and a query about the gym. So I’m 2.5 weeks post FUE. 99% of scabs have now come off, the recipient area is looking neat and clean. I’m happy with everything so far. I am missing the gym though. I used to go 5/6 days a week and I haven’t been for nearly 3 weeks 🙈. Am I okay to return to weight lifting? What are the concerns at this stage? Thanks.
  7. Knight88

    Shedding!! Is this normal?!

    Thank you for the replies. Really have put my mind at ease. This hair transplant business is quite stressful at times haha. Thanks again . Much appreciated.
  8. I am day 12 now after FUE. Washed my hair today and loads of scabs have stared coming off. Most of these scabs contains hair. There has been no bleeding. Are these normal?!
  9. I’ve been advised to wash every 2 days. Thanks for your reply. I will try that tonight.
  10. Okay so I’m 10 days post FUE. And I have small scabs and redness on my recipient area. I know that by removing the scabs it will reduce the redness however I’m being a wimp and I scared about touching the recipient site whilst washing. Is it same to physically massage the area now? Thanks.
  11. Hello. I am now 1 week since FUE. Just wanting to post some pictures and see if the stage I’m at is good and everything going in the right direction. I am currently washing my hair every 2 days and instructed by the clinic.
  12. Knight88

    Donor area.

    Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  13. Hello. I had my fue procedure done on Tuesday and it’s now Sunday. I still have slight swelling which is normal. My donor area feels quite tight and is uncomfortable when trying to sleep. It’s not painful it’s just uncomfortable when lying on it. Is this normal? Thanks.
  14. Knight88

    Post FUE.

    Yeah sure. Please see picture attached? ive been told to wear it until swelling goes down?
  15. Knight88

    Post FUE.

    Hello. I am 3 days post FUE procedure. I am still wearing the headband due to swelling in the forehead. how many days should I wear this for? Is it okay to sleep in the headband? thanks.