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  1. Here is the official 6 months out pics. And here is a pic pre-ops, that was also before any Rogaine. And here is after a year of rogaine + microneedling: Quite a substantial difference. I also did 5 months of PRP after the surgery. No idea how much that helped. The surgery probably did the most. On the whole I'm pleasantly surprised, even if I should have done 3,500 rather than 2,700.
  2. Here are some more pics. Definitely not perfect. There are still some thin spots. But much better than pre-op. And, these pics are with uncombed hair and not-great lighting. My overall judgment is that my hair looks much better than pre-op, and good relative to what I feared in the immediate post-op stage.
  3. So, my hair has continued to get better. I'm not sure I had a clear image of how I wanted my hair to look before the operation. However, at 5 months, I see substantial improvement. If one year of Rogaine plus microneedling improved my hair thickness by a noticeable 5-7%, then my hair transplant improved it by about 50-70%. I still would like more thickness up front, but now I think I'd have been good with 3,000-3,500 grafts. I just wet my hair, or I'd send hair pics. Also, for blonde guys transferring hair from darker areas, I feel like my hair did lighten up a bit in the sun. Lastly, I was worried about the direction of the grafts. They look fine. This wasn't an issue for me. If you do Talizi, at least request the main surgeon (I forget the guy's name now...) and not the idiot who was there when I went.
  4. ^Hey Tommy. At a minimum, I would consult with 2-3 doctors in person, and get advice about hairline, and recommended number of grafts. Important to do that to get your questions answered (angles, color, exact hairline, etc.), and to get a consensus on grafts. My recommendation at this point is probably to not use Talizi -- for all the reasons I wrote above. If you do, negotiate hard. In terms of actual results, it's positive so far, but I still think I needed more grafts.
  5. OK, Now I'm close to 3 1/2 months out. I'd have to say I've continued to see steady improvement. There now is more hair on my head than there was pre-surgery. It's starting to look better. I think I'll probably need a touch-up still (i probably needed 4,000 grafts, not 2,700), but it's actually better than I feared in the weeks after my surgery. Also, I bet I can lighten the new hairs when I go from northern Europe down south for winter, after I spend some time in the pool and sun.
  6. That's super fast growth. My advice for the pictures is to wear your hair as you normally would. If this is how you normally wear it, then maybe consider seeing a stylist.
  7. So, I'm no expert, but given that you weren't that bald before, 4500 grafts seems like overkill. I suppose that will guarantee a good result...
  8. Friedman

    Lasers- Master thread

    Aside from personal experiences, which can vary widely in individual cases for all kinds of reasons, what does the scientific research say about the lazers? Aren't they approved for use for hair treatment? I just googled my own question, and this came up: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26690359 It looks like there is evidence that it safe and effective, but that there aren't so many studies and most of them are flawed in some ways. The best ones suggest an impact.
  9. My question is about the ACell. Is there RCT evidence for it?
  10. Are there any randomized controlled trials (RCTs) showing a positive impact of ACell on hair growth? I'm already doing PRP, so I'd like to add ACell, but only if there is supportive RCT evidence...
  11. Can surgeones actually do anything about hair pointed in the right direction? Or is this just a hazard of the business?
  12. This actually looks like a great result to me. I don't think people should go into a hair transplant surgery expecting better. It looks thick enough, does it not? I think those pics where the OP parts his hair right by the hairline will look thin on anyone. What matters is how you look with the hair as you go out in public.
  13. I did consider it, but I don't want to take a pill that messes with my hormones. From my reading, I do agree it does appear to be safe and have minimal side effects in most, but not all men. At present, I'm going to stick with these four treatments: (1) hair transplant, (2) Rogaine, (3) micro-needling, (4) PRP. Seems there are high-quality RCT results in favor of all four. If these don't work, or if my transplant looks funky, I think I might just go bald...
  14. Ok, Here are my pics after 2 1/2 months, roughly. I've been hitting the Rogaine, PRP, and microneedling pretty hard... At this point, I do feel I'm still a few weeks away from looking as good as I did pre-Op. Some of the new hairs do seem to have grown, and I'd say my hair looks a bit stranger than it did before, and my hair has darkened a bit. Now it's just a waiting game, of course, for my old hairs on to to add length and for the new hair to come in. My donor area looks totally fine already. I got sunburned, and that is starting to peel, so I also have some white flakes in my scalp.
  15. OK bros (and broettes), here are my pics a bit more than one month out. My hair is slowly regrowing, and the transplanted hair is slowly falling out. I've also had my 2nd PRP injection (did one with the surgery), and have started back up on the Rogaine for the past couple of weeks. Scars in the back are not so visible...