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  1. Hi Jean Thanks that is an interesting post with some good points to consider. I'm going to have a look at that chap you linked to above who went to Farjo. I will probably wait it out until 12 months to see how it looks and then consider my next move. I will probably lower it further and perhaps add in a peak as you suggest, which is something I'd thought about before anyways. I have heard it said that adding in a widows peak and temple points gives you a lot of 'bang for your buck' in terms of not needing a huge number of grafts but making a large visual difference and making your forehead look smaller. Even though I have had my hairline lowered by 1cm making it 6cm from eyebrows to hairline (which I understand is about average for a Caucasian) my forehead still looks huge lol! I also did not have anything done to my temple points, so when I get another HT that is also on my to-do list. Thanks again for your input. P
  2. Thanks Spanker JeanLDD and Gasthoerer thanks for your comments, that is food for thought and is something to consider. So my hairline is too high and rounded? What could be done to rectify this do you think? Would the addition of a slight widows peak help? The only thing is, as far as I can remember I never had a widows peak naturally back when I had my original native hairline. Perhaps I could lower it a bit to help make it more natural and it's something I'm thinking about. Roughly how many grafts might this take? How many would a widows peak take? I know it's hard to say. Thanks - P
  3. Hi Melvin, yes the top one is my most recent one. Thanks for the encouraging words, it's good to know the work has been done well. Perhaps just a little on the straight side or lacking a bit of density but that is something I can address. Looking forward to the 12 month mark to see how it looks!
  4. Hi All, thanks for your comments your input is very much appreciated. It has made me feel a little better to be honest. Perhaps I was panicking a bit too much and too soon in the recovery process. I'm sure many of you will know it's a tense time waiting for it to grow! The density issue is interesting I hadn't thought about that before, but yes if it was denser that might help and is perhaps contributing to it as you say. I am considering more grafts but will at least wait until 12 months to see how things pan out and as you say how my MPB progresses or doesn't! At least you think the work looks clean and there are not multi FUs in the hairline etc, which was my fear. I know it sounds stupid as it's my own head! But you can't always see when it's yourself looking in the mirror. I agree the hair in my mid-scalp looks thin although it does look worse when wet but I have been on FIN for about a year and it looks to have stabilised and hasn't got worse as far as I can see. That may be something I choose to fix in future but not for now. I will let you know how I get on and will post updates as things progress. Many thanks again
  5. Hi All I am a newbie looking for some help and advice please. Long story (sort of short) I got an HT procedure 7 months ago and to be honest so far I am not happy at all with the results even though I know there is still time to go up to 12 months post-op I am struggling to see how it will improve. I rushed into it and did not research it enough, which I know now and sadly it seems this is all too common. I am not going to name the clinic just yet to be fair to them but if it becomes clear that it is a disaster and does not improve then I will do, as the last thing I want is for someone else to end up like I have, although I unfortunately know that plenty of people have and will make the same mistake. I am already looking at getting it repaired and have looked at Dr Ball at The Maitland clinic who seems pretty good and Dr Feriduni who is another good Dr. If only I had gone to either of these first! Contacted both of them but they both said I should wait until more time has passed, which is fair enough. My questions are: 1) As stupid as this sounds I am not an expert and don't know what I'm looking for and neither is my Mrs - why exactly does it look bad? Hair angles, multi hair grafts, too straight, or all of them!? 2) What in your opinion would it take to fix it? Am I looking at getting some more FUs inserted to break up the straight line and increase the naturalness? Or is it a matter of having to get grafts extracted and re-implanted (My biggest fear!). I will also say that it looks far worse to me in person than it does in photographs for some reason? Sorry they are quite large, I included a mixture with some wet and some dry and from various stages of recovery to give you a good overview. Again it doesn't quite come across how straight it looks in pictures. I'll see if I can take some more if it is not clear. They are all with the hair combed back to try and show you the hairline, however, I wear my hair in a fringe most of the time and when I do, you can see the hard 'line' under my native hair and it just does not seem to blend, although the difference in length doesn't help. Anyway please let me know what you think? Lastly...thanks in advance!
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