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  1. Thanks BeHappy, appreciate your reply. I’ve been researching SMP practitioners and am astounded by the number available. There’s one within a 5 minute walk. There’s clearly a range of competency in the sector and not all could possibly be equally understanding of the particular requirements of hair loss patients. The choice of an SMP practitioner would seem almost as important as a transplant surgeon. Anyone know of good ones in Europe?
  2. Hi all. Would appreciate advice of some knowledgeable members. Long story short, had a few hts in the 80s and 90s which left me linear scars, depleted donor area and with the need to wear a piece. Had a mega bht session in 2004 which didn’t produce anything mega but still left me me some additional hair. In 2011, had some bht transplanted into the linear scar. This seemed to work pretty well meaning I could cut my remaining scalp hair shorter before the scar becomes noticeable. This allows me to also have the piece cut shorter which I prefer. I’ve been reading a bit about mic
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