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  1. Did you stop finasteride cold turkey? im happy with my results as far as the surgery went.. but the sexual side effects are no good at all. your hair is still look great after... 6+ months no supplements.
  2. Not sure if you're still here, but I wonder if you're 'back to normal' after stopping the use of the Finasteride? I'm having the same issues.
  3. I've been using Minoxidil for about a month now and my scalp is not happy about it. Did you stop using it due to side effects? I was thinking of perhaps changing to the foam as apparently it does not leave residue, so it doesn't look like dandruff/early post op scabbing. I use the Nizoral shampoo but I'd rather not have a permanent scab removal life, haha. However I've got a decent amount of hair coming through now, and more little ones I can see shooting which is awesome!
  4. I can’t wait for that result! Albeit my hair is not as dense as yours unfortunately, so fingers crossed anyway for the same results! .. Muzzafer said that I was really lucky as most of my follicles were 2-3 hairs each. What did he say to you? Haha.. I managed to remove all my scabs in a day, coconut oil worked a charm. I’m scared of the ugly duckling phase coming up. Fortunately it’s really cold here so I’ll wear a beanie 24/7! Were you taking the proscar branded finasteride? I’ve been taking it for about 6 weeks with no sides.
  5. Thanks heaps man, 100% everything you've said, hahaha. I'm at the end of day 9 and I've been probably been way too cautious. Will go to town on lotion tomorrow and hopefully a clearer result! I had 1924 grafts to the same area.
  6. Hi, hair is looking amazing man! ...What's the lotion you used beside the Sebamed shampoo? It's day 8 post op with Dr Demirsoy and I'm worried about the scab removal, they look pretty resilient.