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  1. NDA, no way. Those shouldn't be the reliable doctors who do this. I doubt them their skills as well, having a great hair transplant surgeons who have no such inappropriate restrictions to show, allow their patients to share their reviews & results pics without any fear.
  2. I just checked up above hair issue to Dr Aman Dua. After reviewing my scalp condition and arising hair loss patches, she has advised to go for Scalp Biopsy. I am not much interested to go for Scalp Biopsy test, also bit afraid of scalp injections , after researching on the same on this article: https://donovanmedical.com/hair-blog/biopsy-refute I am able to know that this test can accurately confirm us the issues, but not the recommendation to go every patient with this. So I wanted to consult few more Top Indian Specialist Doctors on the same in order to get more fair treatment options than going for Scalp Biopsy or Surgical treatment. Can anyone help me to know Top Indian Dermatologist Doctors? Ram
  3. Thanks @Bill - Managing Publisher I was shocked to know this that I am also facing hair issues. And, Yes I am going to have a consultation soon with Dermatologist, and shall update the same here. Hoping, I will be soon to get it fixed with medication, without surgical as noticed this is quite initial stage because I am afraid of getting injection on my scalp
  4. @Bill - Managing Publisher Hey Bill, How are you buddy. Hope you remember me man. Here I am myself with my case of hair loss condition, what you can suggest on my hair loss causes, as it looks to be scary now but I believe it's quite in an initial stage and can be treated non-surgically treatment to fix this. Shall be looking forward to have your useful input and I will follow the same....
  5. @Melvin-Moderator It was really so much helpful to know all aspects of my hair loss condition. It seems to be having alopecia areata as per general understanding or might be causing due to multiple disorders of my health conditions , but let me have full check up with top Dr and Plastic Surgeons of my region; to have it reviewed thoroughly. I am fully prepared to get this fixed and sorted out as soon as possible, as i was totally unaware of my continuous huge hair loss before until recently having had my full hair removed by hair cutter specialist for some religious occasion Shall update the same soon
  6. but you should have given link in english language, not in spanish which i can't understand. i just used google translator . . thanks btw I am going to have in 1-2 weeks consultation with Dr. Aman Dua (dermatologist) in my local ludhiana region. Hope she can help me to understand my concern and give the right solution to fix this early stage of bald patches ...
  7. Thanks @Sean for the reply, I shall be going to consult plastic surgeon soon within next week.
  8. Hi hairrestorationnetwork.com top doctors, I am having bald patches on my scalp. This is what I got to know recent month. I am scared to see this and feeling bad to this. Please check the pictures and advise the solution to fix this bald patches. Regards, Ram
  9. Agreed with @California And thanks for replying to @mikeey respective everything what he was unclearly talking about whole doctors of India. I would like to suggest top 3 trusted plastic surgeon of Punjab region as: Dr. Kapil Dua Dr. Vikas Gupta Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Regards, Ram Babu