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  1. Thank you! I didnt really have that much input into how I would like the hairline, the doctor just did it his way, and I was concerned after. But now luckily it has grown thick so I’m more than happy, thanks for your comments
  2. So it’s been 15 months since my operation and I’m still happy with the results. Donor area is back to health and thick, my hair line is healthy and I’m happy with it which is the main thing 👍
  3. Company was Longevita doctor - Fatih Kose price - £1820 gbp
  4. Hello all, I’m a 38 year old from the uk. December 2017 after months of mixed emotions I decided to book and travel to Turkey to undergo my fue procedure. There were many places to choose from, and everyone had good/bad reviews so I decided to jump and hope for the best. I had the majority of the procedure on my hair line, plus the crown. Everything was what I expected. I was made to feel welcome which helped, but the procedure scared me, and also walking around with bloody shaved head was also a concern. And every fear became a reality. The whole experience for me was uncomfortable, the injections to numb the head was pretty much the worst pain I’ve ever felt, luckily it lasted minutes, then I felt no pain. But the 3 months waiting for my natural hair to grow back was horrible. I chose to not tell anybody and wore caps every time I left the house, after a few months and a little growth I was fine. Long story short, I’m over the moon with my results, the company I used were professional although the aftercare has been non existent. But as I’m happy with the results not too bothered. I’m 6 1/2 months in and if it gets any better then great, if not well I’m happy anyway.. any questions anyone had I’d be happy to help ✌️