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  1. I did Avodart “dutasteride” every other day and I stopped it after 8 months although it tremendously improved my crown area and although I was happy about the quality of my hair overall improvement. All was normal up to 6 months then started to feel side effects killing not only my sexual drive, but also willingness to do things in life ..some sort of depression or something I have never experienced before. When I stopped it I started to feel good and retrieved my sexual appetite again after about a month of stopping. I had few boxes left of that .5 mg pill I through them all in trash without regrets.
  2. Hi Payam, your hair is becoming better each time you post new update. As for the current progress you will have nice hair by next May.
  3. In general It depends on how many the graft transplanted were double, tripl or quadruple. From the pictures here natural density is achievable.
  4. So far I don’t see any reason to regret it. Although your experience was not particularly pleasant but the work looks great actually. This clinic is not a shady plastic surgery boutique or new to HT business. Infact it is well know in Georgia/Armenia/Azerbaijan region for practicing HT for many years. Also there should be a good reason behind your home doctor recommendation. The wait game has started and I think you will be satisfied at the end.
  5. Hi, I have learned that generally hair settle in few days but I would wait and give the grafts 2 weeks to anchor in the scalp then apply coconut oil and gently rub them with finger tips. Yes scabs are annoying but the most annoying thing is watching transplanted hair falling of with it. Key is to be patient and gentle.
  6. here is a recent study on Aloe vera and Donor area https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/29649056/
  7. hi, for donor area post op, PURE organic aloe vera gel is recommended by many
  8. Hi Friedman Can you please post the photos of your hair (long + shaved) before surgery? Why did you decide to go for Talizi?
  9. I will just ignore the accusations of me not being a genuine as it’s moderators job to enforce the forum guidelines. Instead I will correct some false arguments here. First, when we talk money, you cannot compare it between doctors’ on the international level. Yes you can compare between their skills. But the prices of each are basically tied with the local economy. The wages and living costs in the states and europe are much higher. That’s why I have clearly said Dr. Koray is relatively expensive as all we know you can spend way less in other LOCAL clinics. On top of that who would travel to Turkey if ASMED price was close to the top notch ones in Europe and US? Why spend money and time on transportation and accommodation while I can get same nice work locally? ( or even better because they definitely spend more than 10 minutes with the patient). With regards to OP regrets not going for another clinic it has nothing to do with what I wrote as it is his own opinion. It’s very clear what I was criticizing up there. Second and last, the example of soccer players is really hilarious. Soccer players go to youth soccer academy to enhance their skills gradually (at least 8 years) before going to professional level and play world cup in their twenties. I didn’t know that there are youth academies for hair grafts extraction and insertion in Turkey. Haha. Some say I was agest. I was talking about the technician hands on experience. How many years or number of HT surgery those young ladies train their skills? It is very important to add this pressing question before going under any surgeon knife. The surgeon I had my HT with answered me this saying that the last member joined his technicians team was 7 years ago. I simply don’t trust new hands on business messing with my head . Hope it’s clear. Again, Dr. Koray and any other Dr that considered top notch should spend more time with patient and have more involvement. This is my genuine message.
  10. I think the progress is as expected, he will definitely have good results. My point is the experience that he had in the clinic has boosted his anxiety levels. When you travel on airplane to another country and spend big money (relatively) for the procedure you expect more attention from this big shot doctor. You expect the doctor to involve his hands on the work more. I don’t trust young technicians regardless of the clinic big name. Please read patient’s words carefully to understand where his worries are coming from. Every one is focusing on results and forget the experience. Dr. Koray should take care of this in future.
  11. it looks good..don’t worry.. just becarefull when you remove the scabs.. wait at least 10 days past surgery day then apply some KY gel or coconut oil and gently rub it with you fingers (not nails).. rubbing not picking..and wash with shampoo .. repeat for 3 days till all scabs are gone.. then just wait 3-5 months
  12. This is ridiculous! Classic bait and switch tricks played on international customers by what so called elite clinics! if I were you I would post documented negative review on every single online forum not in English but in all languages such as German Italian Spanish and so on and I would leave the same negative feedback on Google, yelp ...etc so those frauds know that international patients can stand out when they get disappointed. Ask your country’s embassy in turkey to suggest an attorney and then discuss all legal options.