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  1. Hello guys. Made this post a few months ago. I feel like i'm experiencing more hairloss. What are your thoughts? What would you suggest that i do? And please, don't troll... Personally feel like hair is getting thinner. I'm 25 years old. W? Also do you see a big difference from the other pictures in the post i have linked^ "i am worried"? Thanks!
  2. Ok guys, i think thoose pictures show my hairline better than it actually is.. What i have noticed with my "hairloss", is very itchy scalp (especially in the beginning). Now the itchyness is just mild, but the itchyness could simply be because i had been using a too strong shampoo (head and shoulders). I have itchyness in the back of the scalp, and i've heard DHT doesn't affect the hair in the back and the sides, so i don't think the itchyness has anything to do with the "hairloss". I'll post some pictures from recently with high quality and then some from 4-5 years ago, with decent quality. Let's see if you guys can see something from these pictures. I think i should mention, that used to get my hair thinned at the hairdresser, since it was so thick, but i've stopped doing that since my hair has gotten thinner. Haven't done that for 3-4 months, so maybe my hair is still growing and will be thicker in a few months? Sorry in advance for not showing my face, simply not confident sharing my identity online, hope that's fine with you guys. Hair now: Hair 4-5 years ago: Quality is obviously a lot worse than the first ones, but yeah.
  3. So the receding hairline in the sides are just normal? Seems a bit too much
  4. I've noticed some hair loss, and since you guys are probably somewhat experts, i think you can give me a better answer on how bad it is, and what the future looks like to a 24 year old like me. Also, what is the best counterplay for me? What would you do? I take Zinc, Biotin