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  1. Hmm Demirsoy usually has better results than this. I'd not at all be happy with that result no offence, 3000 grafts should look better
  2. Thats awful. Are you on fin or minox? If not you should be, PRP doesnt work you need fin to promote growth
  3. Its weird how much you lost at the front but the crown is just as thick as everywhere else. Nice result
  4. How soon after the transplant can you start wearing a cap for most of the day?
  5. OP what is your opinion from your research of Cinik? Since he would fall into the low cost bracket (very low cost even), but results seem to be consistently good, for a fraction of the price of someone like Erdogan
  6. Did you have a lot of grafts put in the crown? It could be that permanent shock loss has occured and the transplanted hair has simply replaced what was lost
  7. Whats with the sudden huge increase in Cinik threads and transplants? When I asked about him he was written off as 'too cheap' 'you get what you pay for' etc, but from what I can see he does just as good a job as Erdogan at about 1/4 the price
  8. Do the following for at least 18 months first: 1. Fin 0.25mg every other day, building up to 1mg a day 2. Minox foam or liquid twice a day 3. Nizoral shampoo twice a week 4. 2mm derma stamp once a week I think in a year your crown will be much fuller