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  1. I've only ever had one in person consult with the Maitland clinic (Dr Ball) who assessed the donor, he never said I had DUPA but he struggled to distinguish where the DHT resistant hair started and wherev the DHT affected, but maintained hair ended. I have fired off a bunch of emails to several surgeons. Dr Demirsoy - Donor area looks weak and unhealthy, asked if I have a vitamin or iron deficiency. Advises against surgery. ASMED - NOTE: Due to the fact that your hair is a fine and light colour. The shedding is active we believe that Finasteride does not have a high impact on your hair. The reason for this is because it is obvious that you have miniaturization. It is expected that the final result will not provide intensive coverage. There would be a homogeneous natural look with coverage that is not very high. Dr Bhatti - Thank you for the mail with pictures and 2 videos which I have gone through. You shall need around 2800 scalp grafts for the hairline and temple points. However since the scalp donor on first inspection does not look too dense, I think we should settle on 2500 scalp grafts for the purpose which should also be fine. Here is a final video where I comb the donor hair against the grain I guess I have no option but to accept that I can only maintain what little I have for a few more years then shave it. I started Dutasteride a couple months ago once per week to go a long with the daily Finasteride i've been taking for the past 8 or so years. Sad times
  2. Three pics, one with flash, one without, at a length of about an inch. The third pic is when it was WAY overgrown, not how I'd ever normally have it, about 2-3 inches. I planned to have a consultation in the UK (Farjo) before taking the dive and flying to Turkey, but the consultation was cancelled due to Corona Virus. Some surgeons have said from the photos my donor looks too weak, others have said no point giving me an opinion without being seen in person first. My biggest fear is getting the go ahead for a 3500-4000 graft transplant only to have a bald/patchy donor area forever.
  3. I can't find the ad right now but it shows up on Facebook often. It claims to offer unlimited grafts for £1995, the company is this: http://medicalhaircentre.com/ A few people have posted under the advert claiming to have had the procedure and it went well. Is this a scam or have UK surgeons finally realised that they're not going to survive after lockdown unless they improve their prices to be more competitive?
  4. Looks like you're a slow grower. Wouldnt be too concerned yet, give it another 3 months
  5. Your donor looks similar to mine at that length but tbh I think everyones looks weak when its that short. What guard cut is that?
  6. I wonder if Nizoral has contributed to the thinness. That said i've been using it once or twice a week for about 7 years lol so any damage it may have done is probably permanent. Here's a pic with grown out hair. Hardly a strong test but if i pinch and pull hard on hairs on the back of my head i'll maybe pull one hair out per 5 attempts, it seems a lot more 'stuck' in my scalp than crown and temple hair. Farjo clinic I dont think operates anymore, Reddy is an option down at Harley Street London.
  7. England. Was planning to go with Dr Demirsoy. When the hair is more grown out no scalp is visible. I did have a consultation with Dr Ball at the Maitland clinic a year ago and he never said anything about my donor being weak. But im not sure how thorough he was, he used the microscope thing to get some readings to find how many singles, doubles, triples etc were in the area.
  8. So ive taken some more pics plus a video, this time under natural (lightbulb) lighting and less greasy. Thoughts? Here is the video: It seems to look worse if i rub it 'against the grain'
  9. Does anyone have any pics of others with a number 3 cut under similar lighting to compare? As not sure if its weak donor or just because its been cut so short, but not so short that hair cant clump together making it look worse, if that makes sense. I wonder if a 1 guard would look better
  10. Never noticed this before because when it grows longer I cant see any scalp on the back or sides, but yesterday I had the back and sides cut to a number 3 and it looks pretty bad. I know lighting plays apart, this is with mobile phone flash on but would this maybe make me a bad transplant candidate? It looks kind of greasy maybe that is part of it. To see how it looks longer i've timestamped this video and it looks a lot thicker: