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  1. Hi mate, did you end up using Toppik? Was it ok on top of the transplanted hair?
  2. OzzyBoy

    My Journey with Finasteride

    Hi Cheddar, just stumbled across this post - do you have any updates since April, it should be the 8 month mark now?
  3. OzzyBoy

    Finasteride prior to Fue?

    thanks Melvin. One of the surgeons I mentioned above is recommending that I do not use Finasteride right now, instead, go for my HT and then use Finasteride for 6 months post-op only. Is this a viable option, one that you've seen before? I'd be happy to use Finasteride for the 6 months post-op. I've attached a photo of my donor area with my hair grown out some more compared to my earlier pics.
  4. OzzyBoy

    Finasteride prior to Fue?

    Thanks for your response! Yes, i've had my hair examined in person in Australia (with some hair loss clinics, no world class surgeons though), they all recommended no more than 2000 grafts across my hairline and to leave the crown alone. They also recommended finasteride. After reading more about Finasteride, I feel it's worth trying especially at my age in conjunction with a HT. It appears the side effects are rare / more psychological than anything.
  5. Seems to be coming along really well mate - doesn't look too red and not noticeable that you've just had a procedure.....
  6. Great, looking forward to seeing the progress over the next few months! Are you on minoxidil too, or just fin?
  7. Very eager to see some update pics too! Have you noticed any side effects from Finasteride?
  8. Yeah Erdogan has since responded and rejected me for transplant lol. He's asked me to go on Finasteride for 6 months before getting back in touch with him, but I don't want to use Finasterid so I guess I'm ruling him out... Doganay says he can do 4000 grafts, so it's quite the contrast...one saying im not a transplant patient at all and one saying I'm good for 4000 grafts!!
  9. OzzyBoy

    Finasteride prior to Fue?

    Hi mate, what do you think with my pics? I've been quoted a few different options so far. 1) Dr Erdogan has recommended I wait 6 months and use Finasteride before contacting him again. He won't operate on me right now given my donor area 2) Dr Doganay has said 4000 grafts total is possible now 3) Dr Bhatti can do 2000 grafts for my hairline now. He recommends i wait and do my crown down the track once my hairloss stabilises (I'm 26 yrs old). Not keen on using Finasteride so what other options do I have?
  10. Hi mate, I'm in the same boat. 26 years old and just gotten a few quotes from surgeons to proceed with my transplant. Deciding which surgeon to choose now. My big issue is that all of them have recommended I use Finasteride pre and post surgery, as my donor hair is weak and overall hair very thin. They want me to use Finasteride to thicken my donor area for future possible transplants. I'm very worried about the side effects. How was Minoxidil for you? How did it improve your hair and did you get any side effects? I'm wondering whether I can just use Minoxidil / Rogaine pre and post surgery instead of Finasteride....
  11. Haha yeah, I imagine you will call it out here if anything weird happens for you (hopefully not though!), so I will keep a lookout...thanks again
  12. Thanks mate, really appreciate it. I'm a little nervous about Finasteride, as my wife and I are looking to start a family over the next 12 - 18 months. I have emailed Dr Bhatti my pics and hope to hear back soon! I will follow your progress too, best of luck with it!
  13. Hi there, best of luck with the growth! A few questions if you don't mind. I'm currently researching too and have been tossing up between Dr Erdogan in Turkey and Dr Bhatti. What made you choose Bhatti over him?...do you have to travel to Chandigarh for the procedure or can they do it in Delhi too? Also, do you mind sharing how much you paid for the total surgery? I assume you had to pay for your own accommodation etc? I have a weak donor area so keen to see what Dr Bhatti recommends. Has he put you on Finasteride at all? Finally, were there any other Indian doctors that you were really close to choosing? I'm looking at Dr Kapil Dua too... Sorry for all the questions man!
  14. *UPDATE* So Dr Doganay has responded and recommended 4000 grafts. Despite the weak donor, he thinks he can extract that much + can take a few from my beard too. Dr Erdogan is yet to provide the final evaluation, however has initially replied just saying that he recommends I use Finasteride on my donor area. Waiting to hear back from him regarding number of grafts he can do, etc.
  15. OzzyBoy

    Finasteride prior to Fue?

    Thanks Melvin.